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SIGMOBILE Professional and Student Chapters continue the work of SIGMOBILE within their local regions by bringing together individuals with an interest in mobile systems, users, data and computing. The Chapters consist of students and professionals from academia, industry and government.  

Chapters Directory
Here's a listing of current local SIGMOBILE chapters:
Dublin ACM SIGMOBILE Chapter

Taiwan ACM SIGMOBILE Chapter
Why Start a Local SIGMOBILE Chapter?
  1. To offer an opportunity for SIGMOBILE members in local regions to network with colleagues.
  2. To organize activities for professional development. These may include events such as technical workshops, student competitions, and talks from local community leaders.
  3. To develop forums for sharing expertise through technical exchange of ideas via email newsletter, email distribution lists and web pages that contain content that is locally important.
  4. To invite ACM Distinguished Lecturers for invigorating talks by international experts.
  5. To nominate local experts for national and international recognition awards.
  6. To nominate students for scholarships and travel grants to attend SIGMOBILE conferences.
Additional Benefits
  1. Chapters receive complimentary subscription to ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review. They also receive complimentary copies of SIGMOBILE conference proceedings: MobiCom, MobiHoc, MobiSys and SenSys; When available SIGMOBILE Workshop proceedings may also be provided.
  2. Chapters receive support for organizing receptions for local members at major SIGMOBILE conferences.
  3. Chapter articles are published as Global News from SIGMOBILE Chapters in the ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review.
  4. Chapters provide organizational and management skills to people with leadership abilities. Chapter leaders are able to market this experience to step up to the national and international levels or to develop businesses.
  5. Chapter meetings can result in building contacts and friendships that can lead to new startup businesses.
Chapter Recognition
Eventually SIGMOBILE intends to institute the Outstanding Chapter Award. This award will consist of a plaque, and travel expenses for the winning Chapter Chair to attend MobiCom or MobiHoc to receive the award.

The Chapter home pages will be on SIGMOBILE's server.

How to Start a Local SIGMOBILE Chapter
Start meeting informally to establish a core group interested in mobile systems and potentially interested to form a SIGMOBILE Local Chapter. This core group of members should join ACM or ACM SIGMOBILE and designate at least three interim officers: a chair, a vice-chair and a secretary-treasurer. The interim officers must be members of both ACM and ACM SIGMOBILE. To petition for recognition as a Local Chapter this core group will need to grow to ten in number.
The core group and its interim officers must follow the four steps outlined here. Bylaws under which the Chapter will operate will be provided by ACM. When submitting your petition, please keep in mind that SIGMOBILE has a policy which requires it's Chapters to have names of cities or regions, not countries or states.

The ACM Special Interest Group on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing