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How to obtain SIGMOBILE sponsorship or in-cooperation status

SIGMOBILE welcomes the opportunity to sponsor, co-sponsor or grant "in-cooperation" status to conferences, workshops and other technical meetings that would be of interest to our members.

There are two ways in which SIGMOBILE can be involved with a technical meeting: as a (co)sponsor or as "in cooperation".  The difference between (co)sponsorship and in-cooperation status is that the latter is far simpler to obtain as it does not entail any financial involvement or liability by SIGMOBILE.

Benefits: The benefits of SIGMOBILE (co)sponsorship or in-cooperation status include:

In addition to the above, SIGMOBILE (co)sponsorship has the benefit of financial and logistical support from SIGMOBILE, as well as the prestige that comes with sponsorship by the world's leading scientific society in this technical area.

Process: If you would like SIGMOBILE (co)sponsorship or in-cooperation status for a technical meeting, you need to read the ACM guidelines and submit an ACM Technical Meeting Request Form (TMRF) to the SIGMOBILE Conference Coordinator, Ravi Jain.  The Coordinator will request the approval of the SIGMOBILE Executive Committee and forward the TMRF to the ACM headquarters for approval.  However, while (co)sponsorship requires a complete TMRF, in-cooperation status only requires a shorter TMRF.

A few things to keep in mind:

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