SIGMOBILE Chair Candidate
Victor Bahl

Victor Bahl
Biographical Information

Victor Bahl holds a Ph.D. in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is with Microsoft Research where he is investigating problems related to Internet access, location determination, wireless-web, power-aware ad hoc networks, and real-time audio-visual wireless communications. On behalf of Microsoft he participates and contributes to wireless standards including the IEEE, HomeRF and Bluetooth. Prior to Microsoft, he was with Digital Equipment Corporation where he initiated, led, and delivered several seminal multimedia products including the industry's first hardware and software implementations of audio/video compression and rendering algorithms.

Dr. Bahl is the co-founder of ACM SIGMOBILE. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review journal; he serves on the editorial boards of the IEEE J-SAC and ACM WINET. He has served as a guest editor for several IEEE and ACM journals and on NSF panels on networking research. He has served as the General Vice Chairman of MobiCom '99, and is currently serving as the Program Chair of IEEE ISWC and ACM WoWMoM. Dr. Bahl has served on the Technical Program Committee of over 25 international conferences and workshops. He is the author of more than three-dozen scientific papers and 27 pending and issued patents. He is a senior member of the IEEE, a member of ACM, and a past president of the electrical engineering honor society Eta Kappa Nu.

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Candidate Statement

Five years ago we proposed a vision for a new organization that would focus on bringing together the widely scattered field of mobility. ACM bought into our vision and SIGMOBILE was born. Since the first day of its existence, I have put all my passion, energy, and leadership skills towards making SIGMOBILE what it is today - a healthy, vibrant, technically solid, professionally-run world-class organization.

I have executed relentlessly on our initial ideas and along the way have completed numerous new initiatives. There is ample evidence of my dedication and quality of work -- look at the significant accomplishments of our organization: its flagship MC2R journal; its flagship MobiCom conference; its workshop sponsorship program; and its financial health. Each of these required a high level of commitment in terms of time, hard-work, and smart execution. In 1997, I promised to make MC2R a strong, much cited journal full of useful and comprehensive information, I believe I have delivered on this. In 1999, I promised to take MobiCom a few notches above where it was, and I believe I did. The world got to know us when 24 companies and 8 professional societies joined hands with us at the sold-out much reported event.

There is still much to do. Learning from the bigger more successful SIGs we can chart out a course that will work for our organization. The key to our success will be determined by our ability to adapt to meet the changing needs of our community. I have articulated my vision of the future in our annual meetings and reports but here are some ideas that I will execute on: (1) Build a new conference paralleling MobiCom in prestige and success; (2) Build a solid student support program; (3) Install a code of ethics and conduct for all TPC and EC members; (4) Involve academia, government, and industry in all our initiatives, and (5) continue building MC2R into a top-quality journal; If elected, I promise that the hallmark of your organization will be professionalism, quality, growth, responsiveness, and inclusion.