SIGMOBILE Vice-Chair Candidate
Mary Baker

Mary Baker
Biographical Information

Mary Baker is an assistant professor in the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. Her interests include mobile networks and applications, operating systems, and distributed systems. She is now leading the development of the MosquitoNet mobile and wireless computing project and the Mobile People Architecture. Baker received a BA degree in mathematics in 1984 from the University of California at Berkeley, and MS and PhD degrees in computer science in 1988 and 1994 also from U. C. Berkeley. Baker is a recipient of an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, a Terman Fellowship, an NSF Faculty Career Development Award, and an Okawa Foundation grant.

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Candidate Statement

In a very short time, Sigmobile has accomplished many things. Mobicom has gone from being a brand new forum to being one of the highest-quality and most prestigious of ACM conferences. Through the efforts of Sigmobile, the field of mobility itself has progressed from a scattered presence in many areas to recognition that it is a field in its own right. Membership of Sigmobile has increased tremendously, as has attendance at Mobicom and other Sigmobile-sponsored events.

With this tremendous growth come new pressures. I believe we must manage our resources carefully and direct them however we can best satisfy the needs of our growing membership. For instance, the high attendance at Mobicom and the small percentage of submitted papers that can be accepted may indicate a need for a second yearly (but high-quality) conference for our community. As another example, it may be reasonable to create a position of Information Director, allowing one person to focus on maintaining an even richer mobile community web site that collects information about all our various activities and mobile events in one place.

I would be honored to help explore these and other possibilities while serving our mobile community.