SIGMOBILE Treasurer Candidate
Chiara Petrioli

Chiara Petrioli
Biographical Information

Chiara Petrioli received the laurea degree in computer science with honors in 1993, and the Ph.D. degree in computer engineering in 1998, both from Rome University 'La Sapienza'. Currently she is Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department at Rome University 'La Sapienza'. Her current research interests include QoS support in IP networks, energy-saving techniques and protocols for wireless communications, and multi-hop sensor networks. Chiara Petrioli has authored several papers published in prominent international journals and conferences and is PI of several EEC-funded R&D projects on topics related to Internet and Mobile Computing.

Prior to Rome University 'La Sapienza' she was research associate and instructor at the telecommunications department at Politecnico di Milano from 1998 to 2000, was working as a researcher for the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and Alenia Spazio and in 1996-1997 was a visiting research associate at the advanced communications and networking laboratory at Boston University.

Dr. Petrioli has served as guest editor of the ACM MONET special issue on Energy-conserving protocols for wireless communications, has been member of Mobicom 2000 and 2001 TPC, is serving as Mobicom 2001 tutorial and local arrangements chair, is member of the editorial board of the Wiley Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Journal, and has served as reviewer for many leading international journals and conferences.

Chiara Petrioli was a Fulbright scholar and is currently member of ACM and SIGMOBILE, IEEE and IEEE Communications Society.

Candidate Statement

The last few years have seen SIGMOBILE achieving important milestones, such as the establishment of Mobicom as the leading conference in the mobile computing area, a constant increase in the number of Mobicom attendees and events, a wider range of technically sponsored workshops, a growing number of SIGMOBILE subscribers. The work done by volunteers and by the executive committee has paved the way for new initiatives that can now be devised to consolidate the technical excellence and timeliness of sigmobile flagship conference and journals and to incentivate emerging areas and cooperation with other communities.

As SIGMOBILE treasurer and member of SIGMOBILE executive committee I would first of all focus on assuring SIGMOBILE financial health and stability, and then devote to new initiatives such as promoting the sponsorship of workshops on new hot areas, incentivating the creation of bridges with sigmobile-related communities, encouraging new events within Mobicom and SIGMOBILE workshops aiming at addressing the changes in the research community structure and needs (the VC event which will be hosted within Mobicom 2001 is a first contribution I have given in this direction). Also, as an executive committee member I would strive for timely publication times, technical excellence, and extra space for new topics in SIGMOBILE technically sponsored journals and newsletters.