SIGMOBILE Chair Candidate
Sajal K. Das

Sajal Das
Biographical Information

Sajal K. Das is a full professor of Computer Science and Engineering and the founding Director of Center for Research in Wireless Mobility and Networking (CReWMaN) since 1999 at University of Texas at Arlington. Prior to that, he was a professor of computer science at University of North Texas, where he twice received the Honor Professor Award for best teaching and outstanding research. His current interests include mobile computing, resource management and QoS provisioning in wireless multimedia networks, mobile Internet, and distributed computing. He has published over 170 research papers and holds three US patents. He is a co-recipient of the Best Student Paper Award in MobiCom'99, Best Paper Awards in MSWiM 2000 and PADS'97.

Dr. Das is an editor of four journals including the Subject Area Editor of mobile computing for Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. He has guest-edited special issues of WINET, JPDC and IEEE Transactions on Computers. He served as General Chair of WoWMoM-2000; General Vice-Chair of MobiCom 2000, HiPC 2000 and 2001; General Co-Chair of MASCOTS'98; Founder of WNMC-2001; Founding TPC Chair of WoWMoM'98 and WoWMoM'99; Program Vice-Chair of HiPC'99; and TPC member of numerous conferences including INFOCOM, MobiCom, and IPDPS. He currently serves on ACM SIGMOBILE and IEEE TCPP Executive Committees.

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Candidate Statement

I have been actively participating in MobiCom, the ACM SIGMOBILE's premier conference on mobile communications, computing and networking, since its inception in 1995. I have seen how it evolved from a relatively small conference to a highly competitive and extremely successful international event. I have also enjoyed being involved with the growth and success of MobiCom and hence SIGMOBILE in various capacities. For example, I founded the workshop WoWMoM in 1998 and it has been a very successful annual event. As another example, while as the General Vice Chair of MobiCom 2000, I recruited many international committee members and secured cooperation from many worldwide professional societies and organizations. I have also served on the SIGMOBILE Executive Committee during the past two years.

If elected as Chair, it will be my privilege to serve the SIGMOBILE community to grow in both quality and quantity, with a goal to be the most reputed SIG in the ACM. In addition to the flagship conference MobiCom, I would like to take the leadership to organize other top quality conferences that can be sponsored/co-sponsored by SIGMOBILE, by encouraging already successful workshops (organized with MobiCom or otherwise) to full grown SIGMOBILE conferences/symposia such as MobiHoc; build upon the strong foundation laid by the leadership of the previous executive committee; increase general and student memberships as well as awareness of SIGMOBILE activities; maintain healthy finances; continue to involve colleagues from around the world in various committees; investigate starting a full-fledged technical journal (to compliment MC2R), such as ACM SIGMOBILE Transactions on Mobile Computing. Additionally, I will continue to support technical co-sponsorship of high quality international conferences, symposia and workshops in the emerging areas of mobile computing, communications and wireless networking.

Finally, SIGMOBILE is in my heart and I'm very proud to be associated with it. Given an opportunity, I would like to listen to the community needs and implement them with your cooperation. I look forward to working with you all.