SIGMOBILE Secretary Candidate
Yuguang Fang

Michael Fang
Biographical Information

Yuguang Fang received a Ph.D degree in Systems and Control Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1994 and a Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from Boston University in 1997. He held a research associate position from January 1994 to May 1994 and held a post-doctoral position in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boston University from June 1994 to August 1995. From June 1997 to July 1998, he was a visiting assistant professor in Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas. Then, in July 1998, he joined Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology as an assistant professor. Since May 2000, he has been an assistant professor in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Florida. He has published more than 50 papers in the professional journals and refereed conferences. He is an Editor for IEEE Transactions on Communications, an Editor for IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications: Wireless Communications Series, an Area Editor for ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review, an Associate Editor for Wiley International Journal on Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, and Feature Editor for Scanning the Literature in IEEE Personal Communications. He has also actively involved with many professional conferences such as ACM MobiCom'01, IEEE INFOCOM ('98, '00) and WCNC'00 (Technical Program Vice-Chair). His recent research interests include wireless networks and mobile communications, mobile computing, and personal communications.

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Candidate Statement

SIGMOBILE has successfully established its position in the professional community through its well organized activities such as conferences and publications in the last few years. The degree of its continuing success depends on the dedication of individuals who care about the organization, the active involvements of its members and active interactions with other professional organizations. It is such a special organization where engineers and computer scientists can really collaborate and we should take active role to bridge the gap between two camps, which I can help do due to my dual experiences in both fields. If I am elected as your secretary, I will try my best to help carry on the tradition of excellence of SIGMOBILE, promote its activities by getting involved with conference organizations and by reaching out to other professional organizations. I will also make my best effort to facilitate communications among our members and to keep our members informed about our professional activities. As a member of the executive team of SIGMOBILE, I will work closely with the Chair to make SIGMOBILE more successful.