SIGMOBILE Vice-Chair Candidate
Nitin H. Vaidya

Nitin H. Vaidya
Biographical Information

Nitin Vaidya received Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is presently an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Texas A&M University. He has held visiting positions at Microsoft Research, Sun Microsystems and the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay.

His current research is in the areas of wireless networking and mobile computing, and he presently leads several funded research projects in these areas. His research has been funded by various agencies, including the National Science Foundation, DARPA, Microsoft Research and Sun Microsystems. Nitin Vaidya is a recipient of a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation.

Nitin has served on the program committees of several conferences and workshops, and presently serves as the General Chair for the 2001 ACM Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (MobiHoc). He is presently a speaker for the Distinguished Visitor Program of the IEEE Computer Society. He is a senior member of IEEE Computer Society and a member of the ACM.

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Candidate Statement

In the initial years of its existence, SIGMOBILE has been quite successful, and has already established a premier conference (MobiCom), as well as an excellent newsletter (MC2R). If elected as Vice-Chair, I hope to work to increase the reach and impact of SIGMOBILE activities. Specifically, I will work towards the following broad objectives:

  • Establish one more SIGMOBILE-sponsored high-quality conference. While MobiCom has been very successful, the research activity in mobile computing has increased significantly in recent years, which calls for additional venues for presentation of research results. The recently initiated MobiHoc symposium, for which I presently serve as General Chair, may potentially be developed into the second flagship conference for SIGMOBILE.

  • Increase participation in SIGMOBILE activities by physical layer researchers, with the goal of improving their interaction with upper layer designers. Such interactions are likely to be very beneficial to performance of future wireless mobile environments.

  • Expand co-operation with related ACM SIGs (such as SIGCOMM, SIGACT and SIGCHI), and organize cross-disciplinary workshops on topics of mutual interest in order to bring in expertise from other relevant areas to mobile computing.

  • Since adequate membership enrollment is critical to the success of any SIG, I plan to help continue membership drives to increase SIGMOBILE membership level.

  • Work with the MC2R newsletter editors to improve the depth and breadth of the newsletter content.
I have been actively performing research in mobile computing and wireless networking for several years. I have also participated in organization of several SIGMOBILE-sponsored events, most recently serving as Co-Program Chair for MobiHoc 2000, and now as General Chair for MobiHoc 2001. I believe that I will be able to contribute significantly towards the growth of SIGMOBILE, and I hope that you will support my candidacy for the position of Vice-Chair.