SIGMOBILE Treasurer Candidate
Tracy Camp

Tracy Camp
Biographical Information

Tracy Camp is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines. She serves as the department's Director of Graduate Studies, and she is the founder and leader of the Toilers (, an active ad hoc networks research group. Simulation code (10 packages) developed by the Toilers has been requested from (and shared with) more than 275 researchers at 187 research labs/universities in 33 countries (as of December 2004).

Dr. Camp has received 12 grants from NSF, including the CAREER award in 1997 and an award in 2003 with an acceptance rate of only 4.5%. She has published over 50 refereed articles and 9 invited articles, many of which are in prestigious venues such as MobiCom and MobiHoc. Dr. Camp is a member of the Ad Hoc Networks journal editorial board and has been on the program committee of several conferences, including MobiCom, ICDCS, AdHocNow, and HWISE.

Dr. Camp's research into the plight of women in the sciences has appeared in over 15 newspaper and magazine articles, including The N.Y. Times, USA Today, and Scientific American. She served as the co-chair of ACM's Committee on Women in Computing from 1998-2002, and continues to participate today.

Candidate Statement

I would be extremely honored to serve the SIGMOBILE community as SIGMOBILE Treasurer. As an eight-year member, I am inspired by the outstanding achievements of SIGMOBILE's members.

SIGMOBILE is at the forefront of research in all areas of wireless and mobile computing. SIGMOBILE fully sponsors Mobicom and Mobihoc and jointly sponsors MobiSys and SenSys, all of which are premiere conferences. In addition, SIGMOBILE publishes the excellent MC2R newsletter/journal and two prestigious journals, MONET and WINET. With SIGMOBILE's worldwide exposure and influence, we must continue to maintain excellence in all its venues.

While most other ACM SIGs have seen their membership base dwindle over the past seven years, SIGMOBILE's membership base nearly doubled, illustrating the attraction of researchers to SIGMOBILE. If SIGMOBILE was able to recruit past the 1,000 member threshold (200 additional members needed), then SIGMOBILE's voice on the SIG governing board would increase. Thus, if elected, I will assist the executive committee to increase our membership base. I will help investigate new programs that will add value to SIGMOBILE's current members as well as entice others to join. I will explore programs and marketing strategies that will help increase the number of student and international members. I will also advocate keeping membership costs down while continuing to provide excellent service by being more efficient with our resources.

Clearly, if elected as the SIGMOBILE Treasurer, my number one goal will be to ensure that SIGMOBILE's financial health remains strong. I have substantial experience handling budgets and making decisions on resource allocation through my experiences as ACM-W co-chair, lead investigator on several grants, and as the associate director of a large research center at CSM. It would be a pleasure to use my experience and serve such a diverse group of talented researchers.