SIGMOBILE Chair Candidate
Thomas F. La Porta

Thomas La Porta
Biographical Information

Thomas F. La Porta received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University. He is a Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Penn State and the Director of the Networking Research Center. Prior to joining Penn State in 2002, Dr. La Porta was with Bell Laboratories since 1986. He was the Director of the Mobile Networking Research Department. He is an IEEE Fellow, Bell Labs Fellow, received the Bell Labs Distinguished Technical Staff Award in 1996, and an Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer Award in 1996. His research interests include mobility management, signaling and control for wireless networks, mobile data systems, and networking software and protocol design.

Dr. La Porta is the General Co-Chair for ACM MobiCom 2005, and served as the Finance Chair in 2004. He was the founding Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (2002-2004) and served as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Personal Communications Magazine for three years. He is currently an Editor for ACM M2CR. He published over 50 papers and holds 28 patents. He was an adjunct member of faculty at Columbia for 7 years where he taught courses on mobile networking and protocol design.

Candidate Statement

SIGMOBILE has clearly established itself as a premier technical organization. Its record of introducing highly successful conferences, workshops and publications is a credit to the past and current executive committee and SIGMOBILE members. It will be a challenge to maintain and expand this level of success.

I believe my past activities in industry, academia and professional service have given me the broad experience necessary to serve this community. My goal is to work with membership to build upon what has been accomplished to provide increased high quality outlets for technical work, educational tools and opportunities for members and students, and expanded services to members. This includes tuning the existing sponsored conference slate, introducing new conferences and workshops, and leveraging relationships to promote new partnerships. It also includes developing an educational component of SIGMOBILE to serve our community with learning tools such as short courses.

I will draw upon my past experiences to achieve these goals. I have been heavily involved with advancing technical publications in the area of mobile computing and networking, having served as the founding Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, as the EiC for IEEE Personal Communications, and on the Steering Committee of ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking. I am intimate with the process and problems facing publications in terms of electronic media, budgetary constraints, backlog, etc., and believe I can bring this experience to SIGMOBILE publications. Likewise, I have been heavily involved with conference organization, serving MobiCom in the following capacities: General Co-Chair in 2005, Finance Chair in 2004, and Vice-Chair in 1996. Finally, having worked in an industrial research lab (Bell Labs) for many years, I have developed relationships and insights with industry as well as academia. I believe this balance will allow me to guide SIGMOBILE to meet the needs of both communities.