SIGMOBILE Secretary Candidate
Chiara Petrioli

Chiara Petrioli
Biographical Information

Chiara Petrioli holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (1998) and a B.S. in Computer Science (summa cum laude) from the same school (1993). She is currently on the faculty at the department of Computer Science of "La Sapienza" and serves as scientific coordinator for wireless communications and pervasive computing for the Create-Net research center in Trento, Italy.

Dr. Petrioli current research interests include ad hoc and sensor networks, personal area networks, solutions for content delivery delivery networks, QoS support in IP networks, energy-saving techniques and protocols for wireless communications. Chiara Petrioli has authored over 40 peer-reviewed papers published in prominent international journals and conferences and is PI for several EEC-funded R&D projects on topics related to the Internet and Mobile Computing.

Dr. Petrioli served as guest editor of the ACM MONET special issue on Energy-conserving protocols for wireless communications. She is member of the ACM SIGMOBILE MobiCom TPC (2000-present) and of the ACM SIGMOBILE MobiHoc TPC (2002-present). She has also served as MobiCom 2001 tutorial and local arrangements chair, as well as MobiCom 2004 student poster session co-chair, Mobiquitous 2004 Program co-chair and Mobiquitous 2005 general vice-chair. She is member of the editorial board of ACM Wireless Networks, Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks, and of the Wiley Interscience Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Journal.

Candidate Statement

The last few years have seen SIGMOBILE achieving important milestones, such as further consolidating MobiCom's reputation as the premier conference in mobile computing and communications and promoting a new event, MobiSys, on mobile systems. New ways to enrich the content of the technical program of these conferences have been explored, including the student poster sessions at MobiCom, an ever increasing number of satellite workshops, dealing with cutting-edge research topics. All this has been possible only thanks to the great job and dedication of the many volunteers that have devoted their time and energy to the success of these events, and of the SIG as a whole.

I feel it is our duty not to be content with these achievements but to always strive for excellence. Our SIG has reached a significant level of maturity and can now take the lead in a wider context, and in a larger community. One means to do so, already experimented with Mobiquitous, is that of being in-cooperation with events that reach out to different, related research communities. I also think that promoting excellence, and the visibility of the highest quality research in our field should be our primary goals. Besides recognizing the best research contributions I think it is absolutely essential to pay attention to the results obtained by the younger researchers, both disseminating such results to the community at large and by giving explicit recognition to the best among them. As an example I would be in favour of the establishment of an annual SIGMOBILE best PhD thesis award.

During all these years I have been personally involved in several initiatives along these lines (most notably MobiCom student poster session and organizing committees, Mobiquitous steering committee). As member of SIGMOBILE executive committee I devote my effort, energy, time to make sure that we all work together toward these goals.