SIGMOBILE Treasurer Candidate
Suresh Singh

Suresh Singh
Biographical Information

Suresh Singh graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Ph.D. in 1990 in Computer Science. He spent seven years at the University of South Carolina, two at Oregon State University, and he has been at Portland State University for the past five years. He has been a Professor there since 2002. His areas of research include wireless networks, protocol design, low-power internet, and sensor networking with a recent focus on using ultrawide band radios as a sensing tool. He is presently the TPC co-chair for Mobiquitous and has served on the TPC for various conferences such as ACM MobiCom, IEEE INFOCOM, and ACM MobiHoc.

Candidate Statement

Over the past decade or so wireless networking has become a dominant area of research, attracting large numbers of talented researchers and engineers. With the development of new technologies such as software radios and UWB, new 802.11x standards, and new applications (sensor networks, community networking, etc.), I expect even greater growth in the next decade. In addition, I believe that our community has started having significant impact on technology development and deployment through various hi-tech companies. This trend will only foster greater participation and provide new avenues for innovation. I hope to continue efforts to broaden participation in SIGMOBILE from researchers and engineers and in particular foster participation from other SIGs such as SIGARCH, SIGOPS, and SIGCOMM. Simultaneously, I think it is important to reach under-represented groups early on in their education to attract them to this area of work. In particular, exploring opportunities for supporting high-school level activities would be a valuable task. Finally, since wireless networks are probably the best way to connect the developing works to the internet, I would like to develop relationships with similar organizations in those countries to foster greater participation in SIGMOBILE.