MobiCom 2002
The Eighth ACM International Conference on
Mobile Computing and Networking

September 23-28,
Westin Peachtree Plaza, 2002, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE


Please consult the Call for Papers for scope.

Important submission instructions:

Please note that full and challenge papers must follow the submission guidelines below. Papers exceeding 12 (full papers) or 8 (challenge papers) pages will not be accepted for review. Papers should not use smaller than 10 font - same rule applies.

Authors should prepare a PostScript or Portable Document Format (PDF) version of their full paper.

Papers *must* meet the following restrictions:

  • No longer than 12/8 (full/challenge papers) pages (double column)
  • In font no smaller than 10 points
  • Fit properly on US Letter-sized paper (8.5 ' 11 inches) with reasonable margins
  • PostScript version 2 or later, or Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Use only Computer Modern or standard Adobe printer fonts (i.e., Courier, Times, Roman, or Helvetica)
  • Other fonts may be used, but must be included in the PostScript/PDF file

All paper submissions will be handled electronically. The server will be open for submission of papers between 1-8 March, 2002. The server will close at 23.59 PM EST, 8 March, 2002. No more papers will be accepted after that time. Note that the 8 March date represents the extended deadline.