MobiCom 2013 / Miami, Florida / September 30- October 4, 2013


 The MobiCom First Mobile App Competition 



  • AcousAuth
    A smartphone empowered personal authentication system exploiting keyless acoustic communication.
    Si Chen, Muyuan Li, Jun Wang, Yujin Tu, Chao Zhang, Bingsheng Zhang, Zhan Qin, Junfei Wang, Dr. Kui Ren (University at Buffalo)
  • iSleep
    A practical system implemented on smartphones to monitor an individual's sleep quality.
    Tian Hao and Guoliang Xing (Michigan State University)
    Gang Zhou (College of William and Mary)
  • Mescio
    An app which uses Bluetooth to keep track of the people you have socialized with and show you relevant information about your real life interactions.
    Robin Kravets, Robert Pieta and Kirill Varshavskiy (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • PiCode
    A new type of 2D barcode with an image imposed that can offer the viewer visual information about the content of the barcode.
    Wenjian Huang, Wai Ho Mow, Chenchen Liu and Baojian Zhou (HKUST Barcode Group)
  • Signbook 2.0
    A sign language editor for hearing impaired people and sign language speakers on iPad.
    Lasse Schneider and Felix Zwingenberger (C1 WPS GmbH)
  • Social Drive
    A novel crowdsourcing-based vehicular social networking application for green transportation, which targets to help users to improve their driving behavior, and reduce the vehicle fuel consumption and the financial burden of car ownership.
    Xiping Hu, Victor C. M. Leung and Chunsheng Zhu (University of British Columbia)
    Terry H.S. Chu (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
    Xitong Li (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Min Liang (IBM, China)
    A mobile exhibition guidance system with treasure hunt game and achievement support.
    Yi-Jui Wu, Yi-Jen Yeh, Chin-Yang Lin, Tun-Hao You, Cheng-Liang Lin, Yu-Min Wang, Po-Ho Chen, Ko-Hsuan Chang, Wei-Chi Hsu, Cheng-Yan Yang, Yi-Bin Lin, Chia-Pei Lu (Industrial Technology Research Institute)
  • u-map
    A user-centric crowd-sourcing QoE-based geo-database recommendation system that enables clients to upload information about profile, quality-of-experience (QoE) feedback for a service, traffic demand, network/spectrum conditions, providers, and location in a spatio-temporal geo-database.
    Michalis Katsarakis and Vasilios Theodosiadis (University of Crete & FORTH)
    Manos Dramitinos (FORTH)
    Maria Papadopouli (University of Crete, FORTH, KTH)
  • VideoBee
    VideoBee allows a mobile user to aggregate and utilize all available wireless connections, including (i) those on her mobile phone, namely, cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth and (ii) those of other phones, within proximity of each other, to download a video faster.
    Anh Le (UCI, ShoelaceWireless)
    Lorenzo Keller (EPFL, ShoelaceWireless),
    Athina Markopoulou (UCI, ShoelaceWireless)
    Christina Fragouli (UCLA, EPFL, ShoelaceWireless).
    An application for people to constitute an ad-hoc group and jam along with a music master, whose job is to provide a backing music track and direct the musical flow.
    Jun-qi Deng, Chi-moon Lau and Yu-kwong Kwok (University of Hong Kong)

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