MobiCom '14- Proceedings of the 20th annual international conference on Mobile computing and networking

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SESSION: Keynote address I

From grad school, to startup to acquisition

PANEL SESSION: Panel session 1

Tackling societal grand challenges using mobile computing

SESSION: Paper session 1: the newer frequency bands

Demystifying 60GHz outdoor picocells

A vehicle-based measurement framework for enhancing whitespace spectrum databases

The case for UHF-band MU-MIMO

Enhancing reliability to boost the throughput over screen-camera links

SESSION: Keynote address 2

The future of mobile computing

SESSION: Paper session 2: emerging communication systems

Full-duplex without strings: enabling full-duplex with half-duplex clients

Enabling instantaneous feedback with full-duplex backscatter

Strata: layered coding for scalable visual communication

SESSION: Paper session 3: physical analytics

It starts with iGaze: visual attention driven networking with smart glasses

Wireless barcodes for tagging infrastructure

Enabling physical analytics in retail stores using smart glasses

SESSION: Keynote address 3

Some of my simple results

SESSION: Paper session 4: rethinking WLANs

Enfold: downclocking OFDM in WiFi

Combating inter-cell interference in 802.11ac-based multi-user MIMO networks

Phaser: enabling phased array signal processing on commodity WiFi access points

BBN: throughput scaling in dense enterprise WLANs with Bind Beamforming and Nulling

SESSION: Paper session 5: the wide-area experience

Discovering fine-grained RRC state dynamics and performance impacts in cellular networks

A practical traffic management system for integrated LTE-WiFi networks

Exploring human mobility with multi-source data at extremely large metropolitan scales

Modeling web quality-of-experience on cellular networks

SESSION: Paper session 6: location matters

Where are you from?: confusing location distinction using virtual multipath camouflage

Tagoram: real-time tracking of mobile RFID tags to high precision using COTS devices

Jigsaw: indoor floor plan reconstruction via mobile crowdsensing


Demo: real-time breath monitoring using wireless signals

Demo: PhoneLets: offloading the phone off your phone for energy, cost and network load optimization

Demo: mobile opportunistic system for experience sharing (MOSES) in indoor exhibitions

Demo: tracking user browsing on a demo floor

Demo: an open-source development platform for long-range UHF-connected wifi hotspots

Demo: real-time MU-MIMO channel analysis with a custom 802.11 implementation

Demo: ShadowMaps, the urban phone tracking system

Demo: simulating the impact of communication performance on road traffic safety at intersections

Demo: co-primary spectrum sharing with inter-operator D2D trial

Demo: enabling AGILE spectrum adaptation in commercial 802.11 WLAN deployments

Demo: Luxapose: indoor positioning with mobile phones and visible light

Demo: a cognitive solution for commercial wireless conferencing system

Demo: OpenAirInterface: an open LTE network in a PC

Demo: TV white space networking capabilities and potential with an embedded & open-API platform

Demo: software defined radio: on a smartphone, as an app!

Demo: rollinglight - universal camera communications for single led

Demo: a robust barcode system for data transmissions over screen-camera links

Demo: high-precision RFID tracking using COTS devies

Demo: visual attention driven networking with smart glasses

Demo: instant phone attitude estimation and its applications


Poster: clock synchronization for distributed wireless protocols at the physical layer

Poster: geometrical distance distribution for modeling performance metrics in wireless communication networks

Poster: overheard ACK with token passing: an optimization to 802.11 MAC protocol

Poster: in-lane communication framework using smartphone's inertial sensors

Poster: a coarse-fine corner detection approach for two-dimensional barcode decoding

Poster: detection of transportation mode based on smartphones for reducing distracted driving

Poster: Ziria: language for rapid prototyping of wireless PHY

Poster -- SAfeDJ community: situation-aware in-car music delivery for safe driving

Poster: a framework for instant mobile web browsing with smart prefetching and caching

Poster: adaptive flow control for wireless serial bus using wi-fi transmission opportunity

Poster: SensingKit: a multi-platform mobile sensing framework for large-scale experiments

Poster: locating RFID tags by rotation

Poster: HiLight: hiding bits in pixel translucency changes

Poster: retrofitting computer vision libraries for concurrent support on mobile devices

Poster: AirEye: blind monitor the ISM band using narrowband radio

Poster: promoting the spatial reuse of millimeter wave networks via software-defined cross-layer design

Poster: Are you driving?: non-intrusive driver detection using built-in smartphone sensors

Poster: am i indoor or outdoor?

Poster: styrofoam: a tightly packed coding scheme for camera-based visible light communication

Poster: hearing your breathing: fine-grained sleep monitoring using smartphones

Poster: programming software-defined wireless networks

Poster: ColPhone: a smartphone is just a piece of the puzzle

Poster: come closer: proximity-based authentication for the internet of things

Poster: cognitive networking in a self-powered wireless sensor network testbed

Poster - SEA-OR: spectrum and energy aware opportunistic routing for self-powered wireless sensor networks

Poster: detecting client mobility in WLANs using PHY layer information

Poster: SaveAlert: an efficient and scalable sensor-driven danger detection system

Poster: doppler effect based device-free moving object localization

PANEL SESSION: Panel session 2

Applying the lessons learnt for navigating the future: a conversation with the pioneers

SESSION: Paper session 7: positioning and navigating behind the doors

Luxapose: indoor positioning with mobile phones and visible light

Experiencing and handling the diversity in data density and environmental locality in an indoor positioning service

Travi-Navi: self-deployable indoor navigation system

Accurate indoor localization with zero start-up cost

SESSION: Paper session 8: smart devices

Magnetic MIMO: how to charge your phone in your pocket

Itus: an implicit authentication framework for android

Caiipa: automated large-scale mobile app testing through contextual fuzzing

Rethink energy accounting with cooperative game theory

SESSION: Keynote address 4

BYOzzzz: focusing on the unsolved challenges in mobility, an industry perspective

SESSION: Paper session 9: advanced techniques

Robust network compressive sensing

EkhoNet: high speed ultra low-power backscatter for next generation sensors

A case for enhancing dual radio repeater performance through striping, aggregation, and channel sharing

Cutting the cord: a robust wireless facilities network for data centers

SESSION: Paper session 10: WiFi: beyond the traditional

We can hear you with Wi-Fi!

Use it free: instantly knowing your phone attitude

E-eyes: device-free location-oriented activity identification using fine-grained WiFi signatures