MobiHoc 2009 Posters

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MobiHoc 2009 Posters

BitBurgle: A Protocol for Stealing Unused Spectrum From an Ongoing Flow
Scott Novich and Ashutosh Sabharwal (Rice University, US)

A State-based Battery Model for Nodes' Lifetime Estimation in Wireless Sensor
Joseph Ramé and Khaldoun Al Agha Paris-Sud (University, France)

A novel sensor localization scheme by mobile actors
Xu Li, Nathalie Mitton, Isabelle Ryl and David Simplot (CNRS / INRIA / University of Lille 1, France)

Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks with Amplify and Forward Relaying over Correlated Log-Normal Shadowing
Marco Di Renzo (CTTC), Spain Laura Imbriglio, Fabio Grazioso and Fortunato Santucci (University of L'Aquila, Italy)

A DoS-Resilient En-route Filtering Scheme for Sensor Networks
Chia-Mu Yu and Chun-Shien Lu (Academia Sinica, ROC) Sy-Yen Kuo (National Taiwan University, ROC)

Uisce: An Alternative Approach to End-to-end Delivery in MANETS
Guoxian Yang and Stefan Weber (Trinity College, Ireland)

From Theory to Practice: Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
Fadila Khadar and David Simplot-Ryl (INRIA / IRCICA / LIFL, France)

Social Network Analysis on Data Diffusion in Delay Tolerant Networks
Yang Zhang, Jing Zhao (The Pennsylvania State University, US)

Evaluating the 700MHz Wireless Mesh Networking
Yan He, Van Nguyen, Dmitri Perkins and Niang-Feng Tzeng (University of Louisiano of Lafayette, US)

Pub/Sub Content Sharing for Mobile Networks
Francesco Malandrino, Claudio Casetti and Carla Chiasserini (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

Routing with Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Networks with Bandwidth Guarantees
Ronghui Hou, King-Shan Lui, Hon Sun Chiu and Kwan L. Yeung (The University of Hong Kong, Hong-Kong)


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