MobiHoc 2009 Workshops

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Mobihoc 2009 will offer a choice of three full day workshops on Monday, May 18, 2009. A brief description of each workshop and a link to each website workshop is below.

Foundations of Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networking and Computing (FOWANC)

ACM FOWANC 2009 is devoted to distributed algorithms and theoretical methods in the context of wireless ad hoc and sensor networking and computing. The workshop is intended to foster cooperation among researchers in wireless ad hoc and sensor networking and theoreticians in algorithm and theory, and push the theoretical research forward for a deeper understanding about ad hoc and sensor networking and computing.

Ivan Stojmenovic( University of Ottawa, Canada)
Ding-Zhu Du, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Yu Wang, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Yingshu Li, Georgia State University, USA

Medical-grade Wireless Networks (WiMD 2009)

Increasingly, hospitals adopt wireless technologies including WPAN-enabled PDA units, RFID wands, and wireless medical telemetry devices to improve the productivity of their staff members and quality of certain operations. However, using wireless technology in and around medical devices may affect the ability of the devices to function properly and the resultant safety of patients and operators, and lead to disastrous consequences. Wireless devices operating in adjacent frequency band may interfere with one another, and lead to poor quality of services. To address the grand challenges facing pervasive deployment of wireless devices in medical and healthcare systems, many research and engineering problems need to be resolved. Eventual working solutions involve efforts from hospital personnel, standard committees, federal agencies, IT industry and research community. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a high quality international forum for researchers and practitioners to discuss research findings and exchange information regarding advancements in the state of the art and practices in wireless medical and healthcare systems and networks as well as to identify the emerging research topics, open problems, and define the future of wireless medical and healthcare systems.

Jie Wu, Florida Atlantic University, USA
Rong Zheng, University of Houston, USA
Xue Liu, McGill University, Canada

Mobihoc Wireless S3 Workshop 2009

The First Wireless of the Students, by the Students, for the Students Workshop to be held in conjunction with ACM Mobihoc 2009.

The Wireless of the Student, by the Student, and for the Student S3 Workshop provides a unique venue for graduate students around the world to discuss research issues on systems, theory, and systems-theory cross cutting aspects of mobile wireless networks. The workshop is organized by a student-run TPC. Technical sessions will comprise of student presenters, invited talks will be delivered by students, and even panel speakers and moderators will be students. The workshop will foster early-career development among students, offer exposure into the workings of an academic life, and encourage student leadership and participation in the research community. We anticipate a vibrant event where students can freely interact with a broad peer group, share their research opinions, and discover bridges of collaborations.

Mung Chiang, Princeton University, USA
Romit Roy Choudhury, Duke University, USA
Joseph Camp, Rice University, USA
Prashanth Hande, Princeton University, USA


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