Airborne Networks and


Workshop on Airborne Networks and Communications

June 11, 9 AM to 1 PM

Keynote Speaker: Serge Chaumette, Universite Bordeaux, France
Title: Multilevel swarming, collaboration, and self-organization of heterogeneous unmanned systems: benefits, challenges and research directions

Session 1: Network Connectivity
Chair: Yan Wan, University of North Texas
  1. On Connectivity of Airborne Networks with Unpredictable Flight Path of Aircrafts
    Shahrzad Shirazipourazad, Pavel Ghosh and Arunabha Sen, Arizona State University
  2. On the Impact of Transmission Radius on Routing Efficiency
    Matthew Johnston and Aradhana Narula-Tam, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  3. Backoff Mechanisms in Narrow Band and Spread Spectrum Aloha Networks
    David Ripplinger, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Session 2: Mobility and Security
Chair: Mahadevan Gomathisankaran, University of North Texas
  1. Security of Airborne Network Dynamics and Algorithms: A Graph-Theoretic Perspective
    Sandip Roy, Mengran Xue, Jackeline Abad-Torres, Rahul Dhal, Christopher Alex, and Chih Chen, Washington State University
  2. A Smooth-turn Mobility Model for Airborne Networks
    Yan Wan, Kamesh Namuduri, Yi Zhou, Dayin He, and Shengli Fu, University of North Texas
  3. Specification Based Intrusion Detection for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
    Rob Mitchell and Ing-Ray Chen, Virginia Tech
Session 3: Evaluation and performance Analysis
Chair: Arunabha Sen, Arizona State University
  1. Evaluation of a Multi-hop Airborne IP Backbone with Heterogeneous Radio Technologies
    Bow-Nan Cheng, Randy Charland, Paul Christensen, Leonid Veytser and James Wheeler, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  2. Performance Analysis of AeroRP with Ground Station Advertisements
    Hemanth Narra, Egemen Cetinkaya and James Sterbenz, University of Kansas
  3. Airborne Network Evaluation: Challenges and High Fidelity Emulation Solution
    Kyung Kwak, Yalin Sagduyu, Julia Deng, Justin Yackoski and Jason Li, Intelligent Automation, Inc.
Session 4: Airborne Networks - Systems Perspective
Chair: Sandip Roy, Washington State University
  1. Airborne Network: A Cyber-physical System Perspective
    Kamesh Namuduri, Yan Wan, and Mahadevan Gomathisankaran, University of North Texas, Ravi Pendse, Wichita State University.
Panel Discussion:

On June 14th, 2012 from 8:30 to 10:30 AM, a panel discussion with experts from the industry, academics, and federal agencies will be held to discuss a roadmap for research in this emerging field.

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