MobiSys 2004: Second International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services, June, 2004, Boston, USA
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List of Accpeted Posters/Demos/Videos


  • Place Lab: Ubiquitous Device Positioning using WiFi and other Radio Sources,Intel
  • Design of a multi-hop wireless LAN, Stony Brook
  • Community-Driven Adaptation, U of Toronto
  • HTTP Proxy for Low-Power Operation of Wireless Clients, IBM/CMU
  • A Context-Aware Content Delivery Service Using Off-the-shelf Sensors, Univ of Tokyo
  • Experimenting with Computer Swarms: a Mobile Platform based on Blimps, Technical University of Braunschweig
  • DOMINT: Disconnected Operation for Mobile Internetworking Terminals, GET/INT CNRS/SAMOVAR (France)
  • Performance Optimizations for Wireless Wide-Area Networks: A Comparative Study and Experimental Evaluation, Cambridge


  • Combined face and speaker identification on a handheld device, MIT
  • Attributed Task-Graphs for Distributed Task Execution in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, BU
  • Audio Location, Intel
  • Distributed localization of mobile networks with super-rigidity, MIT
  • i-Bean Network: An Ultra-low Power Wireless Sensor Network, Millennial Net
  • Camera-phones as devices to enhance human-computer interaction, Intel
  • Architecture for Exploiting Diversity in Wireless Networks, UIUC
  • Greedy behavior in IEEE 802.11, and how to detect it, EPFL


  • Mobile Media Metadata, Berkeley
  • PARIS - Personal Augmented Reality Information System, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
  • A Task-Oriented Ubiquitous Computing Environment , UIUC

Call For Participation


Interactive Posters :

Do you have interesting work you would like to share, or a cool idea that is not ready to be published? Poster sessions are for you!

Poster sessions, scheduled during the technical sessions, introduce new or ongoing work. The poster session provides an opportunity for authors to interact directly with groups of conference attendees. Posters are especially suited to innovative ideas not yet validated through extensive evaluation.

Poster submissions must include an extended abstract of no longer than 2 pages, including all figures and references.

Posters must be submitted electronically, by sending the poster and the extended abstracts to the posters chair at


Video Demonstrations :

Videos are a great way to present demos of working systems and applications, especially when the main contribution of the work is better presented as a novel application of the system and cannot be fully captured in the quantitative analysis of a technical paper or as a conventional poster. Authors who are considering submissions in other participation categories are also encouraged to consider submitting videos to demonstrate working examples of their system.

Video submissions must be 3 to 5 minutes long. Authors must also submit a short paper with a maximum of 2 pages, in plain ASCII, describing the underlying “behind-the-scenes” technologies illustrated in the video. The short paper should include the title, authors, affiliations.

The video program will be playing continuously at the conference. Videos will be reviewed for their technical content, interest and relevance to the mobile computing community, as well as their production quality.

Accepted electronic formats are: MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, AVI file with MPEG-4, DivX or equivalent codecs used, and Apple QuickTime. Video submissions may be uploaded onto an ftp server; contact the Video/Demo/Poster chair via email for more detailed instructions uploading the video files and abstract. Video submissions may also be submitted on physical media (VCD/DVD) to the address listed below; abstracts for these submissions should be submitted electronically. Please refrain from sending the video files as an email attachment.

Postal address for sending VCS/DVD is given below.


Demonstrations :

Alongside videotaped demos of working systems, MobiSys seeks proposals for live demonstrations of mobile computing technologies. Live Demos provide an opportunity to give a flavor of real-life applications made possible by your system. Particularly encouraged are the demonstrations that encourage participation by conference attendees.

Research Prototypes, as well as commercial products are welcome. However, MobiSys is not an appropriate forum for marketing or sales presentations. The presenter is expected to understand the system being demonstrated and explain the contributions of the system to the audience. Demonstrations of previously published systems are also welcome.

Submission Requirements : A demonstration submission requires the following two documents:

  1. A demonstration abstract that describes the underlying technology being exhibited This extended abstract must be no longer than 200 words, in plain ASCII.
  2. A demonstration supplement, no longer than 100 words, that describes the envisioned conference attendee interaction with the proposed demonstration.
  3. Email the live demo proposals to the Poster/Demo/Video chair at

Important Dates :

  All submissions due: March 5, 2004
  Notification of acceptance: April 16, 2004

Session Chair :

  Umar Saif, MIT

Submission :

  Email :
  Postal Address (for VHS/DVD) :
      Umar Saif,
      MIT Computer Science and AI Lab,
      200 Technology Square, NE43-619A
      Cambridge, MA, 02139