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Tuesday June 20: Welcome reception in the university main building (picture). A buffet will be served in the faculty room in connection with the poster and demo session. The buffet is included in the registration fee for all delegates.

Social Event

Wednesday June 21: Conference dinner at restaurant Hyllan, in Saluhallen (market place) by the winding river Fyris in the city center of Uppsala. The three course dinner that will be served is included in the registration fee for all delegates.

Student Activities

There will be no formal student activities, but all registered students will receive a student nation pass. It allows access to the rich and exciting student life of Uppsala. At the nations you can enjoy inexpensive food and drinks. Most nations have a pub and also arranges clubs, concerts and other activities during evenings and nights.
An informal pub gathering will probably be arranged for MobiSys student attendees during one of the conference evenings.

Other Activities

In case you want to explore and discover Uppsala or its surroundings by yourself you may contact the Uppsala tourist information:

Uppsala turistinformation
Fyristorg 8
753 10 Uppsala
Telephone: +46-18-727 48 00
Fax: +46-18-13 28 95