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Accepted Posters

Context Prediction by Alignment Methods
Stephan Sigg, Sandra Haseloff and Klaus David (University of Kassel, DE)
Dimorphic Computing: Sustainable Performance Through Thick and Thin
Andrés Lagar-Cavilla (University of Toronto, CA), Niraj Tolia (Carnegie Mellon University, US), Rajesh Balan (Carnegie Mellon University, US), Eyal de Lara (University of Toronto, CA), M. Satyanarayanan (Carnegie Mellon University, US) and David O'Hallaron (Carnegie Mellon University, US)
Fast Bluetooth Service Discovery for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Applications
Sidath B. Handurukande, Samrat Ganguly and Sudeept Bhatnagar (NEC Laboratories America, US)
Fuego: Middleware for Mobile Data Communication and Synchronization
Sasu Tarkoma, Jaakko Kangasharju, Tancred Lindholm, Ramya Sri Kalyanaraman and Kimmo Raatikainen (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, FI)
A P2P Context Lookup Service for Multiple Smart Spaces
Tao Gu  (Institute for Infocomm Research and National University of Singapore, SG), Hung Keng Pung (National University of Singapore, SG) and Daqing Zhang (Institute for Infocomm Research, SG)
P2P Video Multicast for Wireless Mobile Clients
Johannes Karlsson, Haibo Li and Jerry Eriksson (Umeå University, SE)
RFInD: An RFID-based System to Manage Virtual Spaces
Akhilesh Saxena, Samrat Ganguly, Sudeept Bhatnagar and Rauf Izmailov (NEC Laboratories America, US)
Service Navigation System Enhanced by Place- and Task-based Categorization
Yusuke Fukazawa, Takefumi Naganuma, Kunihiro Fujii and Shoji Kurakake (NTT DoCoMo, JP)
SLOPE: A System for Rapid Deployment of VANET Communication Protocols
Sascha Schnaufer, Holger Fler, Matthias Transier and Wolfgang Effelsberg (University of Mannheim, DE)
Topology Recognition in Wireless Sensor Networks
Daniela Krüger, Carsten Buschmann and Stefan Fischer (University of Lübeck, DE)
TransMAN: A Group Communication System for MANETs
Kulpreet Singh, Andronikos Nedos and Siobhn Clarke (Trinity College Dublin, IE)

Accepted Demonstrations

Health and Safety Compliance in the Field
Nigel Davies, Christos Efstratiou, Joe Finney, Rob Hooper, Gerd Kortuem, Mark Lowton and Martin Strohbach, (Lancaster University, UK)

A Framework for Network Coding in Challenged Wireless Network
Alaeddine El Fawal, Kave Salamatian, David Cavin, Yoav Sasson and Jean-Yves Le Boudec, (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), CH)

Mobile Personal Website
Johan Wikman (Nokia Research Center), Ferenc Dósa Rácz (Nokia Research Center)

A Dynamic Device Driver for Real-space Programming in Ubiquitous Computing Environment
Makoto Suzuki, Shunsuke Saruwatari, Hiroyuki Morikawa, Tomonori Aoyama, (University of Tokyo, JP)

IDiexis: Mobile Image-Based Search on World Wide Web - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Keywords
Konrad Tollmar (Lund University, SE), Tom Yeh (MIT, US), Trevor Darrell (MIT, US)

A Mobile Webserver-Based Approach for Tele-Monitoring of Measurement Devices
Sien-An Ong (Nokia Research Center)

Situation-aware Task-based Service Recommendation
Yusuke Fukazawa (Network Labs, NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP), Marko Luther (DoCoMo Euro-Labs, Future Networking Lab, DE), Matthias Wagnere (DoCoMo Euro-Labs, Future Networking Lab, DE), Atsuki Tomioka (Network Labs, NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP), Takefumi Naganuma (Network Labs, NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP), Kunihiro Fujii (Network Labs, NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP), Shoji Kurakake (Network Labs, NTT DoCoMo, Inc., JP)

Sven Westergren, Peter Drugge, Olof Rensfelt and Lars-Åke Larzon, (Uppsala University, SE)

Practical Incentive Techniques for Wireless Community Networks
Elias C. Efstathiou, Fotios A. Elianos, Pantelis A. Frangoudis, Vasileios P. Kemerlis, Dimitrios C. Paraskevaidis, George C. Polyzos, Eleftherios C. Stefanis, (Athens University of Economics and Business, GR)

Sense the Key: Key Management for Mobile Devices
Christian Rohner, Fredrik Bjurefors, Henrik Andersson, (Uppsala University, SE)

SATIRE: A Software Architecture for Smart AtTIRE
Raghu K. Ganti (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, US), Praveen Jayachandran (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, US), Tarek F. Abdelzaher (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, US), John A. Stankovic (University of Virginia, US)