PhD forum '14: Proceedings of the 2014 workshop on PhD forum

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SESSION: Session 1

Session details: Session 1

Coexistence of LTE and WiFi heterogeneous networks via inter network coordination

Fast increases in mobile data demand and inherently limited RF spectrum motivate the use of dynamic spectrum sharing between different radio technologies such as WiFi and LTE, most notably in small cell (HetNet) scenarios. In our project, we propose an ...

Smartphone application delay optimizations

Despite the rapid hardware upgrades, current smartphones suffer various unpredictable delays during operation, e.g., when launching an app, leading to poor user experience. In this work, we investigate the behavior of reads and writes in smartphones. We ...

Energy-awareness in large-scale internet of things networks

The internet of tags: energy-harvesting adaptive algorithms

SESSION: Session 2

Session details: Session 2

Extended abstract: efficient image processing for continuous mobile vision

Vision algorithms have enabled our camera-equipped devices to perform powerful tasks, including barcode scanning, object detection, text recognition, and face identification. Unfortunately, current systems require significant energy to capture, process, ...

Towards efficient data collection in WSNs

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are nowadays used in many diverse applications such as road traffic monitoring, emergency medical care, battlefield surveillance and agriculture etc. In such applications, it is fundamental to gather the data accumulated ...

Improving trust in personal sensing

Agentless cloud-wide monitoring of virtual disk state