MobiSys '14- Proceedings of the 12th annual international conference on Mobile systems, applications, and services

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SESSION: Keynote address

Balancing design and technology to tackle global grand challenges

SESSION: Applications

BodyBeat: a mobile system for sensing non-speech body sounds

Ubiquitous keyboard for small mobile devices: harnessing multipath fading for fine-grained keystroke localization

Autodirective audio capturing through a synchronized smartphone array

Tracking human queues using single-point signal monitoring

SESSION: Wearable computing

A wearable system that knows who wears it

Towards wearable cognitive assistance

iShadow: design of a wearable, real-time mobile gaze tracker

SESSION: Security

nShield: a noninvasive NFC security system for mobiledevices

Sensor-assisted facial recognition: an enhanced biometric authentication system for smartphones

MAdFraud: investigating ad fraud in android applications

EnCore: private, context-based communication for mobile social apps

SESSION: Gestures

RisQ: recognizing smoking gestures with inertial sensors on a wristband

An energy harvesting wearable ring platform for gestureinput on surfaces

User-generated free-form gestures for authentication: security and memorability

SESSION: UI automation

Automatic and scalable fault detection for mobile applications

PUMA: programmable UI-automation for large-scale dynamic analysis of mobile apps

SESSION: Resource usage

Characterizing resource usage for mobile web browsing

Procrastinator: pacing mobile apps' usage of the network

CoAST: collaborative application-aware scheduling of last-mile cellular traffic

SESSION: Performance

Rio: a system solution for sharing i/o between mobile systems

Real-time android with RTDroid

Enhancing vehicular internet connectivity using whitespaces, heterogeneity, and a scouting radio

SESSION: Localization

COIN-GPS: indoor localization from direct GPS receiving

SAIL: single access point-based indoor localization

I am a smartphone and i can tell my user's walking direction


Demo: Rio: a system solution for sharing I/O between mobile systems

Demo: open data kit 2.0 tool suite

Demo: Kahawai: high-quality mobile gaming using GPU offload

Demo: real-time object tagging and retrieval

Demo: DeLorean: using speculation to enable low-latency continuous interaction for mobile cloud gaming

Demo: AuthPaper - protecting paper-based documents/credentials using authenticated 2D barcodes

Demo: A remote sensor placement device for scalable and precise deployment of sensor networks

Demo: Hand-to-hand communication using smartphones

Demo: Zero interaction private messaging with ZIPR

Demo: Mapping global mobile performance trends with mobilyzer and mobiPerf

Demo: I am a smartphone and i can tell my user's walking direction

Demo: Ubiquitous interaction with smart objects

Demo: Protecting visual secrets with privateeye

Demo: Crowd-cache -- popular content for free

Demo: Yalut -- user-centric social networking overlay

Demo: SaveAlert: design for a sensor-driven CrowdWatch danger detection system

Demo: Recognizing humans without face recognition

Demo: A paper keyboard for mobile devices

Demo: FaceBlock: privacy-aware pictures for google glass

POSTER SESSION: Poster session

Poster: A robust vehicular accident detection system using inexpensive portable devices

Poster: SoftOffload: a programmable approach toward collaborative mobile traffic offloading

Poster: Semi-automatic monitoring vital parameters of mobile users

Poster: Motivating an inter-networking architecture for WSN/IoT

Poster: A virtual sensing framework for mobile phones

Poster: M-Seven: monitoring smoking event by considering time sequence information via iPhone M7 API

Poster: Retro: an automated, application-layer record and replay for android

Poster: Enabling computational jewelry for mHealth applications

Poster: Scalable evaluation for wireless mobile systems

Poster: Towards reducing smartphone application delay through read/write isolation

Poster: Ontology-based heartbeat classification for mobile electrocardiogram monitoring

Poster: Balancing disclosure and utility of personal information

Poster: DriveBlue: can bluetooth enhance your driving experience?

Poster: A power-aware mobile app for field scientists

Poster: Crowdsourcing for video traffic surveillance

Poster: Improving efficiency of metropolitan-scale transit systems with multi-mode data feeds

SESSION: Video presentation abstracts

Video: Rio: a system solution for sharing i/o between mobile systems

Video: WiFi-honk: smartphone-based beacon stuffed WiFi Car2X-communication system for vulnerable road user safety

Video: Remote sensor placement

Video: study of storage impact on smartphone application delay

Video: Procrastinator: pacing mobile apps' usage of the network

Video: User-generated free-form gestures for authentication: security and memorability

Video: Open data kit tables

Video: Unsupervised indoor localization (UnLoc): beyond the prototype