Accepted Papers

The following papers have been conditionally accepted at the TPC meeting, subject to final approval after the shepherding process.

Mobile Devices Can Afford: Light-weight Indoor Positioning with Visible Light
Zeyu Wang ( Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Zhice Yang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Jiansong Zhang (Microsoft Research Asia), Chenyu Huang (Wuhan University), Qian Zhang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Accelerating Mobile Applications through Flip-Flop Replication
Mark Gordon (University of Michigan), David Ke Hong (University of Michigan), Peter Chen (University of Michigan), Jason Flinn (University of Michigan), Scott Mahlke (University of Michigan), Z. Morley Mao (University of Michigan)

Analyzing the Use of Quick Response Codes in the Wild
Adam Lerner (University of Washington), Alisha Saxena (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Kirk Ouimet (Scan, Inc.), Ben Turley (Scan, Inc.), Anthony Vance (Brigham Young University), Tadayoshi Kohno (University of Washington), Franziska Roesner (University of Washington)

RollingLight: Enabling Line-of-Sight Light-to-Camera Communications
Hui-Yu Lee (National Taiwan University), Hao-Min Lin (National Taiwan University), Yu-Lin Wei (National Taiwan University), Hsin-I Wu (National Taiwan University), Hsin-Mu Tsai (National Taiwan University), Kate Ching-Ju Lin (Academia Sinica)

InFrame++: Achieve Simultaneous Screen-Human Viewing and Hidden Screen-Camera Communication
Anran Wang (Beihang University), Zhuoran Li (The Ohio State University), Chunyi Peng (The Ohio State University), Guobin, Shen (Microsoft Research Asia), Gan Fang (The Ohio State University), Bing Zeng (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

MAdScope: Characterizing Mobile In-App Targeted Ads
Suman Nath (Microsoft Research)

Energy Efficient WiFi Display
Chi Zhang (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Xinyu Zhang (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Ranveer Chandra (Microsoft Research)

U-Wear: Software-defined ultrasonic networking for wearable devices
G. Enrico Santagati (Northeastern University), Tommaso Melodia (Northeastern University)

Outatime: Using Speculation to Enable Low-Latency Continuous Interaction for Mobile Cloud Gaming
Kyungmin Lee (University of Michigan), David Chu (Microsoft Research), Eduardo Cuervo (Microsoft Research), Johannes Kopf (Microsoft Research), Yury Degtyarev (St. Petersburg Polytechnic University), Sergey Grizan (Siberian Federal University), Alec Wolman (Microsoft Research), Jason Flinn (University of Michigan)

Kahawai: High-Quality Mobile Gaming Using GPU Offload
Eduardo Cuervo (Microsoft Research), Alec Wolman (Microsoft Research), Ali Razeen (Duke University), Kiron Lebeck (University of Washington), Landon Cox (Duke University), Stefan Saroiu (Microsoft Research), Madanlal Musuvathi (Microsoft Research)

AccelWord: Energy Efficient Hotword Detection through Accelerometer
Li Zhang (University of California, Davis), Parth H. Pathak (University of California, Davis), Muchen Wu (University of California, Davis), Yixin Zhao (University of California, Davis), Prasant Mohapatra (University of California, Davis)

Invisible Sensing of Vehicle Steering with Smartphones
Dongyao Chen (University of Michigan), Kyong-Tak Cho (University of Michigan), Sihui Han (University of Michigan), Zhizhuo Jin (University of Michigan), Kang G. Shin (University of Michigan)

GameOn: p2p Gaming On Public Transport
Nairan Zhang (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Youngki Lee (Singapore Management University), Meeralakshmi Radhakrishnan (Singapore Management University), Rajesh Krishna Balan (Singapore Management University)

Reducing Smartphone Application Delay through Read/Write Isolation
David T. Nguyen (College of William and Mary), Gang Zhou (College of William and Mary), Guoliang Xing (Michigan State University), Xin Qi (College of William and Mary), Zijiang Hao (College of William and Mary), Ge Peng (College of William and Mary), Qing Yang (College of William and Mary)

Turning a Mobile Device into a Mouse in the Air
Sangki Yun (The University of Texas at Austin), Yi-Chao Chen (The University of Texas at Austin), Lili Qiu (The University of Texas at Austin)

Starfish: Efficient Concurrency Support for Computer Vision Applications
Robert LiKamWa (Rice University), Lin Zhong (Rice University)

Practicalizing Delay-Tolerant Mobile Apps with Cedos
YoungGyoun Moon (KAIST), Donghwi Kim (KAIST), Younghwan Go (KAIST), Yeongjin Kim (KAIST), Yung Yi (KAIST), Song Chong (KAIST), KyoungSoo Park (KAIST)

TypingRing: A Wearable Ring Platform for Text Input
Shahriar Nirjon (Hewlett-Packard Labs), Jeremy Gummeson (Hewlett-Packard Labs), Dan Gelb (Hewlett-Packard Labs), Kyu-Han Kim (Hewlett-Packard Labs)

OverLay: Practical Mobile Augmented Reality
Puneet Jain (Duke University), Justin Manweiler (IBM Research), Romit Roy Choudhury (UIUC)

Real-Time Screen-Camera Communication Behind Any Scene
Tianxing Li (Dartmouth College), Chuankai An (Dartmouth College), Xinran Xiao (Dartmouth College), Andrew T. Campbell (Dartmouth College), Xia Zhou (Dartmouth College)

Efficient Privilege De-Escalation for Ad Libraries in Mobile Apps
Bin Liu (Samsung Research America), Bin Liu (Carnegie Mellon University), Hongxia Jin (Samsung Research America), Ramesh Govindan (University of Southern California)

LookUp: Enabling Pedestrian Safety Services via Shoe Sensing
Shubham Jain (Rutgers University), Carlo Borgiattino (Politecnico di Torino), Yanzhi Ren (Stevens Institute of Technology), Marco Gruteser (Rutgers University), Yingying Chen (Stevens Institute of Technology), Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini (Politecnico di Torino)

Mobilyzer: An Open Platform for Controllable Mobile Network Measurements
Ashkan Nikravesh (University of Michigan), Hongyi Yao (University of Michigan), Shichang Xu (University of Michigan), David Choffnes (Northeastern University), Z. Morley Mao (University of Michigan)

Visual Fingerprinting and Applications
He Wang (University of Illinois (UIUC)), Xuan Bao (Samsung Research), Romit Roy Choudhury (University of Illinois (UIUC)), Srihari Nelakuditi (University of South Carolina)

ZOE: A Cloud-less Dialog-enabled Continuous Sensing Wearable Exploiting Heterogeneous Computation
Nic Lane (Bell Labs), Petko Georgiev (University of Cambridge), Cecilia Mascolo (University of Cambridge), Ying Gao (Intel Reseaerch)

Tracking Keystrokes UsingZOE WiFi
Bo Chen (The Ohio State University), Vivek Yenamandra (The Ohio State University), Kannan Srinivasan (The Ohio State University)

Contactless Sleep Apnea Detection on Smartphones
Rajalakshmi Nandakumar (University of Washington), Shyamnath Gollakota (University of Washington), Nathaniel Watson (UW Medicine Sleep Center)

Beyond the Radio: Illuminating the Higher Layers of Mobile Networks
Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez (ICSI), Srikanth Sundaresan (ICSI), Christian Kreibich (ICSI/Lastline), Nicholas Weaver (ICSI/UC Berkeley), Vern Paxson (ICSI/UC Berkeley)

AdAttester: Secure Online Advertisement Attestation on Mobile Devices Using TrustZone
Wenhao Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Haibo Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Haibo Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Yubin Xia (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)