Dear authors and presenters

We have been working on the format for the poster and demo session, and would like to share the details with you. All information, as always, is available on the conference website.

As you know, MobiSys 2020 will go virtual this year. Poster and demo presentations have been scheduled from 1 - 2pm EST, June 18th, 2020. They will be presented in two forms: short videos, and a live session during the conference itself.


Before the conference, the authors will prepare *two* short pre-recorded videos.

  1. A 3-5 minute video, as we detailed in our previous message, to be posted with the list of accepted posters on the conference website. The goal is for interested attendants to learn about your work. Please send us a URL to the video. We do not need the video file itself. You are welcome to use any video platform of your choice, or host the video file yourself for people to download.
  2. An optional 60 second "teaser" video. We will edit these 60 second videos together, show them on the SIGMOBILE channel, and broadcast them "live" to conference attendees during the poster session itself. For these, we will need a link to the video file itself. Please note that if the video is longer than 60 seconds we will stop it after 60 seconds. Moreover, you need a signed SIGMOBILE release form allowing us to use it. This form is available here:

Please enter the links to the two videos to the relevant fields in the HotCRP site. The signed (digitally, or by printing and scanning) PDF files should be emailed to the poster and demo chairs. The provided 60 seconds video file should be in .mp4 or h264 and not .m4a, with 16:9 aspect ratio.

The deadline for the 60 second video, copyright form and the 3-5 minute video is 11:59pm EST, June 3, 2020. Videos received after this time will not be shown / posted to the website.

Poster & Demo Session

There will be a dedicated 1 hour poster and demo session during the conference. This session will be held on Thursday, 18 June 2020, from 1pm to 2pm Eastern Daylight Time.

The poster session will begin with welcome remarks and a 10-min lightning session where we will show the 60 second videos to conference attendees.

Following that, the session will split into live parallel breakout sessions, one for every poster. Each poster/demo presenter will have their own separate online room, in parallel to all other posters/demos. You can use this to answer questions, explain the system, show the system live, and so on. The idea is to replicate the close engagement, detailed feedback, and long conversations enabled by poster sessions, but without the noise.

Presenters are expected to be present and attentive in their own rooms, since conference attendees will be able to jump in and out between the different poster and demo sessions at any time. Some of these attendees may be the award committee.


We are planning two awards: a best poster award and a best demo award, to be decided on by a selection committee. The decision will be made based on the quality of the submission, the video presentations as well as live interactions with the award committee members during the breakout sessions.

We will share more details once we have them.