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        ACM SIGMOBILE E-Mail Newsletter
                 for Jan/2007
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Latest News and Articles:

Who Has the Best Muni Wi-Fi Network? (ComputerWorld)

Apple Packs all Kinds of High-Tech Goodies into iPhone (USA Today)

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: A Marriage of Temporary Convenience? (ComputerWorld)

Monitoring your Assets (ComputerWorld)

Report: China's 4G Wireless Launch Leapfrogs 3G (CNet)

Visa, Nokia Turn Cell Phones into Credit Cards (CNet)

Nearly 1 Billion Mobile Devices Shipped in 2006, But Handsets Fail to Wow 
End-users, says ABI Research (BusinessWire)

Cellular Carriers Need to Develop WiMAX Strategy Now (WirelessDesignAsia)

India Blows by China in Mobile Phone Market Growth (BusinessWeek)

Seagate Adds Gigabytes of Wireless Storage to Mobile Devices (HardwareZone) 


Upcoming Conferences and Events Sponsored By or In-Cooperation With SIGMOBILE: 

** SIGMOBILE members get the same low registration fee as 
** members of the organization which is sponsoring the event. 

HotMobile 2007 
The Eighth IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications 
26-27 February, 2007 
Westin La Paloma, Tucson, Arizona

WiOpt 2007 
The 5th Intl. Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc,and 
Wireless Networks 
16-20 April, 2007 
Limassol, Cyprus 

WTS 2007 
The 6th Annual Wireless Telecommunications Symposium 
26-28 April, 2007 
Pomona, CA

MobiSys 2007 
The 5th International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services 
11-14 June, 2007 
Puerto Rico
Mobiquitous 2007 
The 4th Annual International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: 
Computing, Networking and Services
6-10 August, 2007 
Philadelphia, PA

QShine 2007 
The Fourth International Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for
Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness 
14-17 August, 2007 
Vancouver, Canada 

MobiCom 2007 
The Thirteenth Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and 
9-14 September, 2007 
Montreal, Canada

  Co-located with 
MobiHoc 2007 
The Eighth ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking 
and Computing 
9-14 September, 2007 
Montreal, Canada
RoboComm 2007 
The First International Conference on Robot Communication and Coordination 
10-12 September, 2007 
Athens, Greece 

MobileHCI 2007 
The 9th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with 
Mobile Devices and Services 
11-14 September, 2007 

  Co-located with 
Mobility 2007 
The International Conference on Mobile Technology, Applications and Systems 
12-14 September, 2007

MASS 2007
The Fourth IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems
8-11 October, 2007
Pisa, Italy

WICON 2007
The Third Annual International Wireless Internet Conference
22-24 October, 2007
Austin, Texas, USA

MobileHCI 2008 
The 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with
Mobile Devices and Services 
11-14 September, 2008 
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Latest Developer Headlines:

IBM's Infinity Middleware Looks to Bridge Ad Hoc Networks (ComputerWorld)

Linux Mobile Foundation Created To Promote Open Source Software For Mobile 
Devices (InformationWeek)

Tweak Brew's Component Interfaces to Tackle Any Task (DevX)

Yahoo Makes Its Mobile Bet (InternetNews)

The ACM Special Interest Group on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing