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        ACM SIGMOBILE E-Mail Newsletter
                 for Jul/2006
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SIG Announcements:

- Reminder Announcement: Professor Deborah Estrin will be presenting her
inaugural ACM-W Athena Lecture at MobiCom 2006, to be held in Los Angeles in

   Registration information for the conference will be announced soon.

- "FireWxNet: A Multi-Tiered Portable Wireless System for Monitoring Weather
Conditions in Wildland Fire Environments", C. Hartung, S. Holbrook, R. Han,
C. Seielstad, awarded the Best Paper Award at MobiSys 2006. Congratulations
to all!


Latest News and Articles:

Solar Powered Mobile Phones (Esato)

The Wi-Fi in Your Handset (New York Times)

Researcher Developing Anti-RFID Device (IT News)

HP Unveils Wireless 'Memory Spot' (Australian IT),7204,19816416%5E15306%5E

China Mobile Firms Poised for Global Domination (TechNewsWorld)

New Device Reads E-Mail In Your Car (CIO Today)

Next for Cell Phones: Monitor Your Health, Someone Else's (Birmingham News)

Wireless World: Aisle Displays for Shoppers (UPI)

In-Home Sensors Spot Dementia Signs In Elderly (SensorsMag)

Interest in Touch-Screen Technology for Mobile Phones Growing (TechNewsWorld)

Profiting From Five Trends that are Changing Mobility (ComputerWorld)


Upcoming Conferences and Events Sponsored By or In-Cooperation With SIGMOBILE:

** SIGMOBILE members get the same low registration fee as
** members of the organization which is sponsoring the event.

WICON 2006
The 2nd Annual International Wireless Internet Conference
August 2-5, 2006
Boston, USA

QShine 2006
The Third International Conference on Quality of Service in Heterogeneous
Wired/Wireless Networks
August 7-9, 2006
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

MobiCom 2006
The Twelfth Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking
23-29 September, 2006
Los Angeles, California, USA

MobileHCI 2006
8th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile
Devices and Services
September 12-15, 2006
Espoo, Finland

UbiComp 2006
The 8th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computin
17-21 September, 2006
Orange County, California, USA

ChinaCom 2006
First International Conference on Communications and Networking China
16-19 October, 2006
Beijing, China

Mobility 2006
International Conference on Mobile Technology, Systems and Applications
25-27 October, 2006
Bangkok, Thailand

SenSys 2006
The 4th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems
November 1-3, 2006
Boulder, Colorado, USA

The 2nd International Conference on COMmunication System softWAre
and MiddlewaRE
7-12 January, 2007
Bangalore, India


Latest Developer Headlines:

The Ten Most Critical Wireless and Mobile Security Vulnerabilities

Using Crossfire 6.0 and Visual Studio to Build Blackberry Applications

Using a Camera with Windows Mobile 5 (

New Network Interfaces in QUALCOMM BREW (

The ACM Special Interest Group on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing