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        ACM SIGMOBILE E-Mail Newsletter
                 for Nov/2007
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Latest News and Articles:

Web Guru Berners-Lee Warns Against 'Walled Gardens' for the Mobile Internet

Cellphones Team Up to Become Smart CCTV Swarm (New Scientist)

Global Mobile Penetration Hits 50%, Says Research Firm (DigiTimes)

Smart Phone Suggests Things to Do (TechnologyReview)

Cellphone's Slosh and Rattle Reveal its Contents (New Scientist)

Synchronised Shaking Connects Gadgets Securely (New Scientist)

Verizon's Open Network Has Eyes On The Future (PCMag),2704,2222863,00.asp

Wearing Technology on Your Sleeve (Europa)

The Fruits of a Wireless World (Europa)

The Grill: Ray Kurzweil Talks About 'Augmented Reality' and the Singularity

GPS-enabled Handset Market to Generate Over $100 Billion in Revenues in 2012


Upcoming Conferences and Events Sponsored By or In-Cooperation With SIGMOBILE:

** SIGMOBILE members get the same low registration fee as
** members of the organization which is sponsoring the event.

MUM 07
Sixth International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
12-14 December, 2007
Oulu, Finland

HotMobile 2008
The Ninth Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications
25-26 February, 2008
Napa Valley, California, USA

MobiHoc 2008
The Ninth International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and
26-28 May, 2008
Hong Kong SAR, China

MobiSys 2008
The Sixth International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications
and Services
10-13 June, 2008
Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

MobileHCI 2008
The 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with
Mobile Devices and Services
2-5 September, 2008
Amsterdam, Netherlands

UbiComp 2008
The Tenth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing
21-24 September, 2008
COEX, Seoul, South Korea

ACM Sensys 2008
The 6th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems
5-7 November, 2008
Raleigh, NC, USA


Latest Developer Headlines:

Google's Android SDK Comes Alive (InternetNews)

Microsoft Ships Windows Embedded CE Update (InternetNews)

Poor Performance Plagues Mobile Web Sites (InformationWeek)

Google Debuts Mobile Mapping Service, Powered By Cell Towers (InformationWeek)

Build Your Own Windows Mobile RSS Reader (DevX)

The ACM Special Interest Group on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing