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MCS 2015  

The Sixth International Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing and Services

Co-located with ACM MobiCom, Paris, France

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Mobile systems are resource-constrained due to their small form factors. It is natural to consider enhancing them with the massively more resourceful data centers that are distant (a.k.a. the cloud) or located close by (a.k.a edge servers). In fact, many of today's mobile applications already leverage the cloud, usually via a client-server model and the web. To some extent, mobile systems have become the user interface of the cloud; and the cloud has become the backend of these mobile systems. The MCS workshop is intended to be a forum for exchanging new ideas about the synergy and symbiosis of mobile and cloud: new ways to leverage the cloud to serve mobile users and new challenges to the cloud raised by mobile accesses. The scope of the workshop will encompass a broad range of systems and networking topics that explore this synergy between mobile devices and the cloud.


The proliferation of low-cost networked objects, combined with a growing consumer appetite, is driving the long awaited IoT revolution. At MCS this year, we will examine what this powerful trend means for the future of mobile cloud technology. For example, wearables and smartphones are increasingly playing prominent roles in the emerging IoT ecosystem. What future cloud services and network models will be required when our personal devices are routinely in contact with thousands of smart objects per day? We invite the submission of technical and position papers that explore the intersection of IoT and Mobile Cloud Services. A special technical session will be devoted to this topic during the workshop including invited speakers to promote vigorous debate and discussion.

More broadly, MCS still solicits the best new ideas and the latest breakthrough results on any topic that is relevant to the mobile-cloud technology. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Applications and Services
  • Context awareness
  • Data mining and Machine Learning
  • Economic Considerations
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Experience in developing and deploying mobile-cloud services
  • Networking 
  • Operating system support 
  • Security and Privacy
  • Programming languages and models
  • Virtualization
  • Mobile web