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8.30am Workshop Registration
8.50am Workshop Welcome
9.00am Looking ahead: Future Visions of the IoT Ecosystem
       Falk Dressler (U. Paderborn)
Nicolas Lesconnec (Sigfox)
Krishna Gummadi (MPI)
10.00am IoT Impacting the Mobile Ecosystem
       "Vision: The Case for Symbiosis in the Internet of Things"
Ahmed Saeed, Mostafa Ammar (Georgia Tech), Khaled A. Harras (Carnegie Mellon University), Ellen Zegura (Georgia Tech)

"For Your Eyes Only"
Robin Kravets, Guliz Seray Tuncay, Hari Sundaram (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
10.40am Coffee Break
11.10am Shifting the Needle with Innovative Apps
       "Enabling Interactive Automobile Applications using Cloud Services through Adaptive Computation Offloading"
Ashwin Ashok, Peter Steenkiste (Carnegie Mellon University), Fan Bai (General Motors Research)

"Cloudlet-based large-scale 3D reconstruction using real-time data from mobile depth cameras"
Steven Bohez, Jaron Couvreur, Bart Dhoedt, Pieter Simoens (iMinds - Ghent University)

"A Novel Hybrid Mobile Malware Detection System Integrating Anomaly Detection With Misuse Detection"
Xiaolei Wang, Yuexiang Yang, Yingzhi Zeng (National University of Defense Technology Information Center)
12.10pm Lunch
13.30pm Cloud and Infrastructure Needs of IoT
       Peter Lewis (Google)
Krishna Gummadi (MPI)
Alexis Normand (Withings)
14.40pm IoT Transforming the Automotive Experience
       Falk Dressler (U. Paderborn)
Giovanni Pau (UPMC/LIP6)
15.30pm Coffee Break
16.00pm Revisiting Core Mobile Network Challenges
       "Processing Radio Access Network Functions in the Cloud: Critical Issues and Modeling"
Navid Nikaein (Eurecom)

"Vision: Augmenting WiFi Offloading with An Open-source Collaborative Platform"
Aaron Yi Ding, Yanhe Liu, Sasu Tarkoma (University of Helsinki), Hannu Flinck (Nokia), Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University), Jon Crowcroft (University of Cambridge)
16.40pm Connectivity to IoT Devices
       Nicolas Lesconnec (Sigfox)
Edward Knightly (Rice)
17.55pm Workshop Closing