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The Seventh Annual
      International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking

July 16-21, 2001, Rome, Italy

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Venture Capital Session Schedule 

July 17th

Owing to generous corporate support, this event is now free for conference and tutorial registrants. So please do plan to attend since it promises to be informative and lively.

Session 1: Introduction to Venture Capitals
Talk 1.1: Introduction to Venture Capital
Andrea Capitanio
Alice Ventures
Talk 1.2: Fundraising 101
Katia Verresen
Coffee Break
Session 2: Traditional Players Initiatives
Session 3: The Enterpreneur Corner
Coffee Break
Session 4 (Panel): Visions and Business Opportunities in the wireless world
Talk 4.1
Barun Dutta
Talk 4.3
Sanjay Jhawar
Questions and Answers

Session 1 : Introduction to Venture Capital

Talk 1.1: Introduction to Venture Capital
Andrea Capitanio
Senior Associate

Mobile communications are rapidly becoming the preferred mean of personal remote interaction in today's society and besides the hype surrounding the quantum leaps in the cellular networks genealogy - 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, .. - the continuously improving wireless infrastructure is likely to generate a ground fertile for significant business opportunities but also clouded with aggressive competitors.
The "Private Equity" capitals market provides capital to enterprises not quoted on a stock market in exchange for an equity participation. Venture Capital (VC) is, strictly speaking, a sub-class of Private Equity and is characterized by investments made for the purpose of developing, launching, and expanding the commercialization of new products or services.
Venture Capital has long been a necessary lubricant in the success stories of high-tech business initiatives and a key ally for technologists turned entrepreneurs. The presentation will provide an introduction to the world of Venture Capital, and will address issues related to how VC can positively impact the lifecycle of high-tech startups and support a business initiative in its early days. Markets statistics will be used to extrapolate what to expect from a VC and an opinionated speaker will provide some practical suggestions on how a technologist turned entrepreneur should prepare, present his/her plan, select the right VC and pursue his/her goals. Some specific considerations will be made addressing the peculiarities of the capital market for business initiatives insisting in the wireless mobile communications world.

Speaker's Biography:
Andrea Capitanio is a Senior Associate with Alice Ventures, Milano. He focuses on info-tech deals, ranging from mobile applications and wireless infrastructure technologies to business intelligence and security solutions. Andrea holds a board position within companies in Alice Ventures portfolio.
Prior to joining Alice Ventures, Andrea spent several years at the Applied Research Laboratories of Telcordia Technologies as a research scientist and a business creator. He managed and leaded projects in the areas of Software Engineering, Software Modeling, Mobile Applications and Middleware.
Formerly an IT Professor at the University of Verona and Program Supervisor of the Master in Software Engineering in Padova, Andrea also spent a few years as a Research Associate at the University of California, Irvine (US), and has undertaken many projects as an independent consultant throughout his career. He earned a MSEE from the University of Padova and an Italian PhD on Industrial Electronics and Informatics.

Talk 1.2: Fundraising 101

Katia Verresen
Managing Director of European Business Development

Speaker's Biography:
Katia has served as Managing Director of Business Development for Europe since November 1999. She coordinates activities in Europe, including deal origination, marketing, and entrepreneur development. Prior to joining, Katia founded UpStart Ventures, a French company that assists European entrepreneurs with international expansion strategy and capital needs. Katia also worked as a consultant at Venture Capital Report in France, where she evaluated startup business proposals, recruited angel investors, and established "Silicon Valley Express," a program designed to help European startup companies set up a corporate presence in the U.S. Earlier in her career, Katia worked in International Arbitration and Corporate Finance at Wilson Sonisini Goodrich &C; Rosati, a Palo Alto-based law firm. Katia holds a B.A. from the University of California, San Diego and a J.D. from Santa Clara University. You can reach her by email at

Session 2:Traditional Players Initiatives

Talk 2.1: The Marsupium Initiative
Andrea Scianna

Cisco's Ecosystem is a system of relationships through which strategic and important ties with highly characterized Partners are created. The Ecosystem makes Cisco skills, models and solutions available to assist, step by step,the growth of companies dedicating part of their energies to the Internet business. The Marsupium initiative falls within this framework. Marsupium is a club aiming at accelerating the business processes that will translate "a project" into a successful Internet Company by means of the Marsupium Partners network, which offers both financial support and integrated (technological, financial, marketing) advising.

Speaker's Biography:
Andrea Scianna joined Cisco Systems Italy in 2000 as Strategic Alliance Manager. In this role, he is responsible for developing relationships with consultant firms, merchant banks and venture capitals.
He started his carrier in 1987 by developing an integrated CAD system for the University of Pavia, in cooperation with Italtel. In 1990 he joined the ENEL Automatic Research Center for which he managed several projects, and was in charge of the company relationship with the Authority and International Affairs.
Scianna holds a master degree in Electrical Engineering.

Session 3: The Enterpreneur Corner

Talk 3.1:Lessons Learned How to Start a High-Tech Company?
Dr. Ian F. Akyildiz
Chief Technology Officer
MiQoS, Inc.
Mobile Internetworking Quality of Service, Inc.
250 14th Street
Suite 4011
Atlanta, GA 30318
Tel: 1-404-815-1950
Fax: 1-404-815-1919

For an academician with 20 years in the research world to start a company is an interesting experience which will be shared with the audience.

Speaker's Biography:
Dr. Ian F. Akyildiz received the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Engineering from the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany, in 1978, 1981 and 1984, respectively.
Dr. Akyildiz is a Founder and President of TRUVA Inc which is a consulting company since 1989. He is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the newly formed company, MiQoS (Mobile Internetworking Quality of Service, in the wireless domain focusing primarily on the next generation wireless sytems.
Dr. Akyildiz is also a Distinguished Chair Professor with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, and Director of the Broadband and Wireless Networking Laboratory. His current research interests are in wireless networks, satellite networks, and the Internet.

Session 4 (Panel): Visions and business opportunities for wireless and mobile communications

Talk 4.1

Barun Dutta, CTO
Alta Berkeley

Speaker's Biography:
Barun can't exactly remember when as a kid he started experimenting with technology but his professional career in computers, communications and software technology goes back 14 years. In his role as Alta Berkeley's CTO he still spends some of his days collaborating with leading scientists, writing research papers, and still gives plenary and academic talks at scientific conferences in his ongoing role as a Senior Scientist at IMEC, Brussels, the largest independent Infotech Research Center in Europe.
However, for the majority of his time Barun is advising Alta Berkeley portfolio companies in the wireless, internet infrastructure, data communications and software sectors. He is currently most actively involved in Iobox and Categoric.
Prior to IMEC, for nine years Barun was involved in both operational, strategic and research activities at various entities of AT&T Bell Labs and also Bellcore on either side of the Atlantic in networking and telecoms sectors and with corporate start-up entities. He was an advisor to several pioneering networking and internet start-up efforts. Intertwined with his early research career was an education at MIT, Middlebury College and Rutgers University.

Talk 4.2

Marie Wall
Investment Manager

Most people in the telecom industry are promoting the vision of "any service, via any device, over any network". The prerequisites to this vision are clearly not in place today. At Speed Ventures we have defined, together with our industrial partners, a technology and business framework designed to find new exciting business opportunities that fit our model and advance this vision. The Breedlab concept, a joint effort with Sonera, is a program to attract the most promising ideas that fit our framework. BreedLab is a coaching program for developing and testing promising businesses. The objective of BreedLab is to shorten the window from finding the business idea to starting the actual business.

Speaker's Biography:
Before joining Speed Ventures as Investment Manager, Marie worked four years for the Swedish start-up Sendit AB, that got bought by Microsoft in June 1999. At Sendit and Microsoft Marie had the position of Group Program manager, and was as such responsible for the team that defined the product strategy and functional roadmap for the mobile operator services platform developed by Sendit. After the acquisition by Microsoft, Marie was also involved in the company wide process of shaping the Mobile Internet strategy for Microsoft. Marie has a masters degree in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm. After graduation and before joining Sendit, she has worked as researcher for the Swedish Institute of System development, spent one year as Swedish Technical Attaché in San Francisco.

Talk 4.3

Sanjay Jhawar
Vice President, Wireless
via Brera 5, 20121 Milano, Italy
GSM +39 348 9115735
office +39 02 806 168 693
fax +39 02 806 168 653

- Introduction to cirlab
-The current outlook for mobile internet
-Business drivers for 2.5G and 3G operators
-Value for money mobile services
what represents value to the subscriber?
what comprise elements of cost of delivery?
-Analysis of the value chains of
location based services
mobile advertising
mobile media distribution
-Technology megatrends
telecom protocols becoming internet
-Programmable advent of distributed internet megaservices mobile mass storage and processing power
-Key insights leading to sweet spots where value can be extracted by startups technology gaps needing solutions new approaches to service delivery

Speaker's Biography:
Sanjay Jhawar is Vice President, Wireless at cirlab!, an early stage-venture capital firm based in Milan, Italy, that is part of the Italy’s CIR group, controlled by the de Benedetti family.
Building on six years experience in mobile Internet, Sanjay now leads new investments in mobile Internet companies and serves on the boards of Hiugo, a wireless ASP in Milan, and Teltier, a mobile middleware infrastructure company in New Jersey, USA.
Until October 2000, Sanjay was Director of Program management at the Mobile Internet Business Unit of Microsoft, based in Stockholm. He was responsible for strategy, product planning and development program management for carrier based mobile internet servers.
At Sendit, a Swedish pioneer mobile internet company specializing in mobile email services platforms for GSM operators, from November 1998, Sanjay was Vice President of Marketing and Business Development and was instrumental in Microsoft's acquisition of Sendit
Prior to Sendit, Sanjay spent three and a half years at Motorola concluding as Business Manager responsible for all GSM smart phones, SIM Toolkit, WAP phones, GPRS phones and other value-added services terminals.
At Motorola in 1997, Sanjay helped to found WAP Forum and served on its Board of Directors for its first year.
Before Motorola, Sanjay spent five years at IBM in product planning and electronic engineering for the Visual Products group.
Sanjay has a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering from Cambridge University in the UK.


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