Posters and Demos


Poster: A Novel Region-of-Interest Based UAV Planning Strategy for Mitigating Urban Peak Demand

Ruide Cao (SUSTech Institute of Future Networks; DET of Heyuan), Jiao Ye (SZU School of Architecture and Urban Planning), Qian You (SUSTech Institute of Future Networks), Jianghan Xu (SUSTech Institute of Future Networks), Yi Wang (SUSTech Institute of Future Networks; Peng Cheng Laboratory; DET of Heyuan), Shiyu Jiang (Wuhan Maritime Communications Research Institute), Yaomin Li (Wuhan Maritime Communications Research Institute)

Poster: Extracting Speech from Subtle Room Object Vibrations Using Remote mmWave Sensing

Cong Shi (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Tianfang Zhang (Rutgers University), Zhaoyi Xu (Rutgers University), Shuping Li (Rutgers University), Donglin Gao (Rutgers University), Changming Li (Rutgers University), Athina Petropulu (Rutgers University), Chung-Tse Michael Wu (Rutgers University), Yingying Chen (Rutgers University))

Poster: Unobtrusively Mining Vital Sign and Embedded Sensitive Info via AR/VR Motion Sensors

Tianfang Zhang (Rutgers University), Zhengkun Ye (Temple University), Ahmed Tanvir Mahdad (Texas A&M University, College Station), Md Mojibur Rahman Redoy Akanda (Texas A&M University, College Station), Cong Shi (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Nitesh Saxena (Texas A&M University, College Station), Yan Wang (Temple University), Yingying Chen (Rutgers University)

Poster: Accordion: Toward a Limited Contention Protocol for Wi-Fi 6 Scheduling

Shyam Krishnan Venkateswaran (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ching-Lun Tai (Georgia Institute of Technology), Raghupathy Sivakumar (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Poster: Timestamp Verifiability in Proof-of-Work

Tzuo Hann Law (Unaffiliated), Selman Erol (Carnegie Mellon University), Lewis Tseng (Clark University)


Demo: Immersive Remote Monitoring and Control for Internet of Things

Xiaoyi Wu (The Pennsylvania State University), Jiangong Chen (The Pennsylvania State University), Rui Tang (The Pennsylvania State University), Kefan Wu (University of Pennsylvania), Bin Li (The Pennsylvania State University)

Demo: Meta2Locate: Meta Surface Enabled Indoor Localization in Dynamic Environments

Qinpei Luo (Peking University), Ziang Yang (Peking University), Boya Di (Peking University), Chenren Xu (Peking University)

Demo: A Prototype for Detecting and Localizing Hidden Devices in Unfamiliar Environments

Xiangyu Ju (National University of Defense Technology Hunan, China), Biao Han (National University of Defense Technology Hunan, China), Yitang Chen (National University of Defense Technology Hunan, China), Jinrong Li (National University of Defense Technology Hunan, China)

Poster presentations of accepted conference papers

Swirls: Sniffing Wi-Fi Using Radios with Low Sampling Rates
The Power of Two Choices with Load Comparison Errors
2ACE: Spectral Profile-driven Multi-resolutional Compressive Sensing for mmWave Channel Estimation
Cache-Enabled Federated Learning Systems
Optimizing Sectorized Wireless Networks: Model, Analysis, and Algorithm
Differentially Private Distributed Online Convex Optimization Towards Low Regret and Communication Cost
Anarchic Federated learning with Delayed Gradient Averaging
EarCase: Sound Source Localization Leveraging Mini Acoustic Structure Equipped Phone Cases for Hearing-challenged People
Overlay Routing Over an Uncooperative Underlay
PRECISION: Decentralized Constrained Min-Max Learning with Low Communication and Sample Complexities
kaNSaaS: Combining Deep Learning and Optimization for Practical Overbooking of Network Slices