MobiSys 2004: Second International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services, June, 2004, Boston, USA
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Panel Session: RFID

Steve Shafer, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Corporation (Moderator)
Henry Holtzman, Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab
Bob Ippolito, Chief Technology Officer, Masters of Branding
Paul Moskowitz, Research Staff Member, IBM
Ravi Pappu, co-Founder, ThingMagic
Mark Ulrich, Senior Consulting IT Architect, PepsiCo

Abstract: Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags are small, single-purpose mobile computers that report their ID number, and sometimes other information such as memory contents or sensor measurements, over a strict tag-to-reader radio protocol. RFID protocols emphasize rapid reporting by scores or hundreds of tags to a single reader. Developments over the last 5 years have made it possible for RFID to augment or even challenge bar codes for manufacturing, shipping, and retail applications. With tag costs expected to drop to 5 cents each, we may one day be living in a world with a tag in almost everything made by humans. How is this happening? What are the obstacles and issues? The RFID Panel will explore the subject from diverse points of view in this panel session.