MobiSys 2004: Second International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services, June, 2004, Boston, USA
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Birds of a Feather Session

Chair: David Reed, MIT
7-10 p.m. Sunday; June 6, MobiSys 2004


The PlanetLab consortium has opened up a new vista for developers of Internet services: a collaborative, shared platform that gives developers of wide-area distributed systems a platform to test and deploy their work. This platform has immediately solved the bootstrap problem for developers of peer-to-peer services, and has generated a tremendous burst of creativity in the wired distributed systems and networking community, offering new services in everything from distributed DNS services to web and media content distribution services to Internet-wide RAID systems.

Mobile systems have long been hampered by the lack of such a wide-area collaborative testbed and deployment platform. The goal of this session is to do what the distributed systems session in April of 2002 did for the wired distributed systems community: plan a shared, community testbed and deployment platform. Researchers in all areas of mobile and wireless computing, from 802.11 to cellular phones, are encouraged to come and participate.