MobiSys 2004: Second International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services, June, 2004, Boston, USA
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MobiSys 2004 Workshop on Context Awareness

Hyatt Harborside in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
June 6, 2004

Schedule :


09.00-09.05    Initial Introductions and Welcome

09.05-09.50    3 Presentations (10 minute talk, 5 minutes questions)

  • An Architecture for Location-Based Service Mobility Using the SIP Event Model
  • From Context to Content: Leveraging Context for Mobile Media Metadata
  • GroupMedia - Using Wearable Devices to Understand Social Context

09:50-10:05    MORNING BREAK

10:05-11:00    Work-in-progress (5 minute presentations by other groups of attendees)

11:00-12:00    Breakout Group

12:00-13:00    LUNCH

13:00-13:30    Breakout Group Resumes

13:30-14:30    Breakout Groups Report Out to Group

14:30-14:50    AFTERNOON BREAK

14:50-15:35    Privacy Panel

  • Panelists: Marco, Angela, Anind
  • Moderator: Maria

15:35-16:20    Standards Panel

  • Panelists: Dirk, Jay
  • Moderator: Deborra

16:20-17:00    Discussion of Open Issues

List of Accepted Papers :

  • Adding Context-Aware Behaviour to Almost Anything: the Case of Context-Aware Device Ecologies (pdf)
  • An Architecture for Location-based Service Mobility Using the SIP Event Model (pdf)
  • Hermes: Generic Designs for Mobile, Context-Aware Trails-Based Applications (pdf)
  • Atira: A Responsive Environment for Document Users (pdf)
  • Pervasive Computing in Health Care: Smart Spaces and Enterprise Information Systems (pdf)
  • Towards Notifications for Mobile Response Teams (pdf)
  • Exploiting Context Data Fidelity for Enhanced Privacy and Energy Savings (pdf)
  • CASS -- Middleware for Mobile Context-Aware Applications (pdf)
  • Context Provisioning and SIP Events (doc)
  • BerlinTainment: An Agent-Based Serviceware Framework for Context-Aware Services (pdf)
  • A Sensor-fusion Approach for Meeting Detection (pdf)
  • GroupMedia -- Using Wearable Devices to Understand Social Context (pdf)
  • Using Semantic Web Services for Context-Aware Mobile Applications (pdf)
  • Path Privacy in Location-aware Computing (pdf)
  • From Context to Content: Leveraging Context for Mobile Media Metadata (pdf)

Workshop Overview :

   The MobiSys 2004 Context-Awareness Workshop seeks to present innovative, signficant research in the area of context-aware computing. This will be a one-day workshop, featuring refereed paper presentations and breakout sessions. To facilitate significant discussion, the number of attendees will be limited and attendees are expected to have read the workshop papers prior to the workshop. The workshop particularly values the practical experience gained from designing, building, and using context-aware computing systems, applications, and services.

The conference addresses broad systems issues in context-aware computing. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of context-aware applications
  • Middleware and service architectures supporting context-aware applications
  • Data management and representation of context information
  • Security and privacy of context-aware systems and applications
  • Resource discovery of context data sources
  • Algorithms and techniques for making inferences about context information
  • Novel sources of context information
  • Experience with context-aware systems

Program Committee :

  Keith Cheverst, Lankaster University
  Anind Dey (Co-Chair), Intel Research Berkeley
  Maria Ebling (Co-Chair), IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
  Dana Pavel, Nokia Research
  Yasuyuki Sumi, Kyoto University