Below are the list of accepted posters:

Developing Country Challenges and Opportunities in Distributed Computing
Nova Ahmed (North South University, Bangladesh)

iLid: Low-power Sensing of Fatigue and Drowsiness Measures on a Computational Eyeglass
Soha Rostaminia, Addison Mayberry, Deepak Ganesan, Benjamin Marlin and Jeremy Gummeson (UMass Amherst)

A Holistic View to Smartphone Energy Consumption
Ella Peltonen and Sasu Tarkoma (University of Helsinki, Finland)

ADMM Based Algorithm for Joint Data and Off-grid NBI Recovery in OFDM Systems
Hanan Altous and Imad Barhumi (United Arab Emirates University, UAE)

QnA : Towards a New Communication Paradigm for Unmatched Asymmetric Network Environments
Bhuvana Krishnaswamy and Raghupathy Sivakumar (Georgia Tech.)

Efficient Privacy Aware Routing Technique for Monitoring Assets with WSNs
Manjula R and Raja Datta (IIT Kharagpur, India)

A Blockchain-based ID Management System
Yining Hu (University of New South Wales, Australia)

Bap Re Bap
Sarika Azad, Dr. Nova Ahmed and Nur E Saba Tahsin (North South University, Bangladesh)

Three Tiered Architecture of Smartphone-based Automation Systems for the Disabled and Elderly
Lakshmi Manasa Kalanadhabhatta (Shiv Nadar University, India)

Occupancy State Detection using WiFi Signals
Elahe Soltanaghaei, Avinash Kalyanaraman and Kamin Whitehouse (University of Virginia)

Power-aware IoT Devices for the Future
Anju S Pillai (Amrita Vishwa Vidayapeetham, India), Vijayalakshmi Saravanan and Kshirasagar Naik (University of Waterloo)

Resource Accounting Vulnerabilities in Mobile Systems
Wenqiu Yu and Lin Zhong (Rice University)

Impact of Mobility on Performance of Caching Strategies in Information-centric Networks
Adita Kulkarni and Anand Seetharam (SUNY Binghamton)

Understanding Usage Diversity In Smartphones To Predict Battery Lifetime
Anudipa Maiti (University at Buffalo)