The N2Women event at MobiCom 2022

The N2Women event at MobiCom 2022 aims to foster professional networking among women in computer networking and related research fields in which women are traditionally underrepresented. Its goal is to:

  • Connect newer generations of networking women researchers with the community and create mentorship relationships;
  • Create a research forum in which students and junior researchers learn and discuss current trends in networking, present their research and receive feedback;
  • Engage a diverse body of junior researchers in the field.

We welcome here PhD Students who share the same research interests, attend the same events, and often face the same career hurdles and obstacles to joining us on Tuesday 18th October at 07:00pm AEST for our N2Women event co-located with MobiCom 2022!

This year’s program will feature live panel discussions from women experts in mobile and wireless communications, on technical challenges and soft skill assets in a de-facto online world. The program of the workshop includes panel discussions on becoming a high-quality researcher through formulating impactful problems, learning through rejections, and developing solutions for industry problems. We will also discuss how young researchers can engage with industry to produce quality research and foster stronger collaborations. A part of discussion will also touch upon balancing between personal and professional life as a researcher. Following one-hour panel discussion, researchers will be given an opportunity to discuss their research with experienced mentors.

The panel will consist of:

Our Mentors:

Same as Above +

An associated Slack channel will also be available for live discussions throughout the Mobicom conference. Please stay tuned for details.