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Traveling and symposium tips for foreign participants

For information on how to get to Lausanne, please check the Lausanne-Tourism web site.

When you arrive at Geneva (or Zurich) airport, we recommend that you DO NOT rent a car, as Switzerland has a very effective mass transportation system. Rather, take a train from the airport to Lausanne (for complete train schedules, check

All the hotels booked for the symposium are in Lausanne. The symposium takes place on the EPFL campus (7 km West of Lausanne), in the "salle polyvalente". To get from Lausanne to the campus, the easiest way is to take a small subway (called "TSOL" in Lausanne parlance), and to get out at the station "EPFL". The ride takes 12 minutes. Then follow the signs to the symposium room. With your registration, you should receive a document that entitles you to travel on the TSOL. More details on how to get from your Hotel to EPFL, you can find here.

Please note that on late Monday afternoon, the buses that will bring you to the Chateau d'Oron (gala dinner) will leave directly from the campus, immediately after the afternoon session. Therefore, you will NOT get back to your hotel room before the end of the gala dinner (around 10:30 pm).

Usually the weather is mild (around 15 to 20 degrees centigrade) at that time of the year. However, some rain showers cannot be excluded. Bring your umbrella with you. 

Internet Access:
On campus, you will have access to the Internet. If you bring your laptop, don't forget your 802.11 adaptor and a European power supply connector. Some PCs will be available as well.

There is a bank on campus. All the prices are in Sfr (Swiss Francs). (Indicative exchange rate on March 13, 2002: 1 EUR = 1.47 Sfr,
1 USD = 1.68 Sfr)

In this part of Switzerland, French is the official language. The official language of the conference is English.

For more info about the EPFL campus, please look at 

Further information about Lausanne, can be found on the official Lausanne web site:

We hope you enjoy your stay!

The following hotels are available to the symposium participants: 

4* sup. = Hotel de la Paix

4* = Hotel Mirabeau

3* = Hotel AlaGare, Hotel City, Hotel Comfort des Voyageurs, 
Crystal, Hotel Regina

Others = Jeunotel

Map of Lausanne, with the hotel addresses