ACM SIGMOBILE - Mobihoc 2011 - Paris France - May 16-20

MobiHoc 2011 Keynote Addresses

Keynote Addresses

Two keynote addresses will be held during the MobiHoc 2011 conference (see technical program).

"Sense and Sensibility for Mobile Networks"

by Prof. Hari Balakrishnan
Tuesday May 17, 2011

Abstract: "Truly mobile" devices such as smartphones and pads/tablets are rapidly becoming the dominant mode of Internet access. People use these devices in a wide range of locations and movement conditions, often in quick succession. The richness and diversity of operating conditions poses a significant challenge for wireless network protocols, which must adapt to the conditions at hand. In this talk, I will discuss how wireless network protocols can become smarter and operate more sensibly by incorporating external sensory informa- tion. The talk will make the case for a sensor-augmented protocol architecture for mobile networks, giving specific examples and outlining several open prob- lems.

This talk is largely based on joint work with Lenin Ravindranath, Sam Madden, and Calvin Newport.

"Distributed Wireless Protocols: A Review"

by Prof. Jean Walrand
Wednesday May 18, 2011

This talk reviews recent results on distributed wireless protocols and explains the main ideas behind their throughput and delay properties. Using a simple example, the intuition behind the throughput-optimality of CSMA for one-hop flows is explained. The method for analyzing the average delays is explained on that example. The interaction with congestion control is then discussed. The next step is the integration of routing with the MAC and Transport protocol. Recent results on delays are then discussed. The talk concludes with a discussion of open problems and research directions.

This talk is based on the work of many colleagues and in part on the recent monograph: Libin Jiang and Jean Walrand, "Scheduling and Congestion Control for Communication and Processing Networks" (Morgan-Claypool, 2010).

Bio: Jean Walrand received his Ph.D. in EECS from U.C. Berkeley. He was with the School of Electrical Engineering of Cornell University from 1979 to 1981 and has been with the Department of EECS of U.C. Berkeley since. He is the author of "An Introduction to Queueing Networks" (Prentice-Hall 1988) and of "Communication Networks: A First Course "(2nd ed, McGraw-Hill 1998) and co-author of "High-Performance Communication Networks" (2nd ed, Morgan Kaufmann, 2000), "Scheduling and Congestion Control for Communication and Processing Networks" (Morgan-Claypool, 2010), and "Communication Networks: A Concise Introduction" (Morgan-Claypool, 2010). His research interests include stochastic processes, queuing theory, communication networks, game theory and the economics of the Internet. Prof. Walrand is a Fellow of the Belgian American Educational Foundation and of the IEEE, and a recipient of the Lanchester Prize and of the Stephen O. Rice Prize.