ACM SIGMOBILE - Mobihoc 2011 - Paris France - May 16-20

MobiHoc 2011 - Posters

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MobiHoc 2011 Posters

1. TABA: A Channel Selection Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Yasir Faheem, Saadi Boudjit

2. Local capacity of wireless networks what can we expect beyond slotted ALOHA
Philippe Jacquet and Salman Malik

3. Impact of 802.11n Link Layer Parameters on Application Performance
Lito Kriara, Mujahid Al-Adhami

4. A statistical region-based compressive sensing indoor path-tracking system
Dimitris Milioris and Philippe Jacquet

5. On the impact of router's mobility on substitution networks
Karen Miranda and Tahiry Razafindralambo

6. W^3-Privacy: the three dimensions of user privacy in LBS
Pablo A. Perez Martinez and Agusti Solanas

7. Emulation of large scale wireless sensor networks: from real neighbors to imaginary destination
Jovan Radak, Bogdan Pavkovic, Franck Rousseau, Ivan Stojmenovic