Please read the following before you start to book the hotel room.

The location of the conference is Jinxi Hotel Hangzhou China:

ACM MobiHoc 2015 has reserved a limited number of rooms at preferred rates at Jinxi Hotel for the benefit of conference participants. You are welcomed to make the reservation as soon as possible, just fill up the booking form and send it to Zhikun Zhang: by Tuesday, May 31, 2015. The available rooms will be distributed on first-come-first-serve basis, subject to availability.

How to get Hangzhou

1) Direct flights to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int. Airport.
    Seoul -> Hangzhou 12:40— 14:00 CA140 Sat May 30
    Singapore -> Hangzhou 02:30—07:30 MF842 Sat May 30
    Bangkok -> Hangzhou 15:05—23:15 9C8774 Sat May 30

2) Transfer from other major cities (e.g., Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong) in China to Hangzhou.
    Beijing -> Hangzhou: Take domestic flights to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int. Airport, for example
       CA990 12:50 Fri May 29 -> 14:20 Sat May 30
       CA1595 08:50 Sun May 31 -> 11:00 Sun May 31
    Shanghai -> Hangzhou: Take high-speed trains from Shanghai Hongqiao railway Station (or Shanghai railway station) to Hangzhou east railway station (or Hangzhou railway station)
    Hong Kong -> Hangzhou: Take domestic flights to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int. Airport, for example
       QF127 10:05 Fri May 2 -> 17:20 Fri May 29
       HX128 21:05 Fri May 29 -> 23:15 Fri May 29

After you arrive in Hangzhou

The following map shows how to get the venue when you are at 1) Hangzhou Int. airport, 2) Hangzhou east railway station, and 3) Hangzhou railway station.

1) Take a taxi from Hangzhou Int. Airport to Jinxi Hotel, cost: Appr. 21 USD

2) Take a taxi from east railway station to Jinxi Hotel, cost: Appr. 6 USD

3) Take a taxi from Hangzhou Railway station to Jinxi Hotel, Cost: Appr. 5 USD

You can also book rooms by yourself through the following websites:

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Hanting All Season Hotel Huanglong: km)

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