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Call for Papers

With the advent of consumer mobile devices equipped with high resolution touch screens, powerful CPUs and GPUs, gaming has become wildly popular with users. With the intense competition that has ensued in this industry, games are now rapidly incorporating sophisticated technologies, which include the recent advances in wearable head-mounted displays, cloud computing, virtual reality and augmented reality adapting them to the mobile computing environment. Many of these technologies present diverse challenges of importance to researchers. There are many research challenges across graphics, computer vision, energy consumption, network latency, HCI, security, and sensor networking. While this field is interdisciplinary by nature, many proposed ideas have direct impact on how networking protocols and infrastructures are designed and managed.

In this Second Mobile Gaming workshop, we will bring together practitioners as well as interested researchers to discuss the latest developments in this growing field. We will identify what we have already achieved, the challenges that lie ahead, and promising avenues forward. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • cheating in networked mobile games
  • reducing the energy consumption of mobile games
  • increasing the quality of graphics on phones
  • tolerating limited bandwidth and high latency on wireless links in games
  • impact of device limitations on mobile game players
  • mobile games that interact with other devices in the vicinity such as TVs, sensors, and other phones
  • protocols and architectural designs or concerns for next generation mobile games
  • optimizing game servers and transport for mobile users
  • cross-device gaming (e.g. phones, slates, PCs, consoles)
  • novel game types and/or interaction modalities
  • matchmaking for mobile multiplayer games
  • detailed traffic measurements or usability studies of mobile games
  • massively multiplayer mobile gaming
  • augmented reality games
  • Virtual reality games
  • Games enhanced through head mounted displays and other wearable devices or peripherals.
  • Cloud support for mobile game streaming

All submissions must be original work not under review at any other workshop, conference, or journal. The workshop will accept papers describing completed work as well as work-in-progress, so long as the promise of the approach is demonstrated. Radical ideas, potentially of a controversial nature, are strongly encouraged. Submissions must be no greater than 6 pages in length and must be a PDF file. Reviews will be single-blind: authors name and affiliation should be included in the submission. Submissions must follow the formatting guidelines at The deadline for submissions is March 8st, 2015 11:59pm EST. Paper submissions will appear in the Mobisys'15 proceedings.

Please submit your papers, posters and demos by following the instructions in the submissions tab.

Acceptance notification will go out on March 19th 2015

Call for papers PDF HERE