Mobile Computing and Communications Review
Call for Contributions
GetMobile aims to foster the development and growth of the mobile research community. We encourage researchers and practitioners to submit proposals for articles for future issues. Proposed articles should address topics of broad interest and should be accessible to the wider mobile research community.
We seek contributions that fall within the scope of the departments listed in the table below. GetMobile articles are limited to 3,000 words or less.
Your proposal should:
Mobile Platforms Developments in mobile platforms and their use in research. getmobile_platforms@acm.org
(Almost) Unpublishable Results Work not usually taken by conferences or journals but valuable to the mobile research community (e.g., experience from deployment and development and effort to reproduce important results). getmobile_unpublishable@acm.org
Education Developments in mobile and wireless education. getmobile_education@acm.org
Experimental Methods Topics that every mobile researcher should know about before conducting user-centered experiments. gemobile_exprimental@acm.org
Makers Makers Developments on the growing maker community. getmobile_makers@acm.org
Arm's Length Arm’s Length Developments in fields that fall outside of the traditional SIGMOBILE core, but which have applications in mobile systems and networks. getmobile_armslength@acm.org
Standards Standards Developments at standards bodies, such as the IETF and W3C getmobile_standards@acm.org
PAST➡Future Highlights cutting edge pre-publication research, as well as articles that reach back five to ten years and reexamine previous work in mobile systems, to help us better understand where we are now and where we might end up next. getmobile_pastfuture@acm.org