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Special-Issue Proposals

ACM MC2R's primary objective is to foster research and development in the dual fields of mobile computing and communications. Towards this goal, we encourage you to submit proposals for creating special issues in areas that are of interest to the SIGMOBILE community. Preference will be given to proposals that cover some unique aspect of the technology and ones that include subjects that are timely and useful to SIGMOBILE members.
Proposals should be sent to MC2R's Editor-in-Chief at least three months prior to the targetted date for distributing the CFP. The following information should be included as part of the proposal:

  • Proposed title for the Special Issue
  • Name(s) of the Guest Editor(s)
  • Description of the focus area and justification for it
  • Time frame for the call for papers and reviews
  • Biography of the proposer and any additional guest editors
  • List of potential reviewers
If your proposal is accepted, you (the guest editor) will be responsible for:
  • Preparing an ASCII, HTML and postscript version of the call for papers (a template can be requested from the Editor-in-Chief)
  • Distribution of the call for papers to the various mailing lists (an HTML version will be included on MC2R's Web site)
  • Getting the reviews of the submitted papers according to the guideline set forth by the MC2R editorial board (guidelines will be provided by the Editor-in-Chief)
  • Carrying out all correspondence with the authors
  • Providing the completed and approved source version of the papers to the Editor-in-Chief
It is expected that the guest editor will write a one- or two-page guest editorial to be published in the special issue.

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