MobiCom 2013 / Miami, Florida / September 30- October 4, 2013


 The MobiCom First Mobile App Competition 



  • Heartera (Android)
    A heartrate monitor based in accelerometers.
    Ahmed Helmy, Amir Helmy
  • iBreath (Android)
    A sports application, that monitors your breathing. Makes sure you are breathing correctly (listens through a bluetooth headset).
    Tian Hao, Guoliang Xing, Gang Zhou
  • Phorec (iOS 7)
    An application that recommends you where you can take good pictures, by context (location, time of the year, time in the day, weather).
    Nuttapoom Amornpashara, Yutaka Arakawa, Morihiko Tamai
  • PowerTracer (Android)
    A monitor of electricity consumption in the home. Measures energy consumed by appliances (through smart meter) can define rules for automatically powering devices (when users are in the house).
    Paul Baumann, Wilhelm Kleminger, Marc Langheinrich, Silvia Santini
  • SafeDJ (Android)
    A music recommendation app for drivers. Take into account the context. Driving alone? Driving with friends? Mood. Maybe others.
    Xiping Hu, Jun-qi Deng, Wenyan Hu, Georgios Fotopoulos, Edith C. -H Ngai, Zhengguo Sheng, Min Liang, Xitong Li, Kaveh Shafiee, Victor C. M. Leung, Sidney Fels, Chi-moon Lau, Yu-kwong Kowk
  • SaveAlert (Android/Pebble)
    A crowd-sourced danger alert system.
    Kirill Varshavskiy,G├╝liz Seray Tuncay, Robin Kravets
  • ShadowHawk
    A lost device tracker that uses crowdsourced data in addition to GPS.
    Dany Iland, Andrew Irish, Jason Isaacs, Joao Hespanha, Elizabeth Belding, Upamanyu Madhow

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