MobiCom 2015 / Paris, France / September 7- 11, 2015
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 Call for Posters and SRC 


By following its long and fruitful tradition of poster presentation/discussion, ACM MobiCom 2015 solicits submissions for its Posters Program.

Proposals for poster presentations featuring early research work and preliminary results are strongly encouraged and solicited. The MobiCom 2015 Poster Session will provide an excellent opportunity for initial feedback on early research results and for gaining early visibility of ongoing projects.

To ensure maximum visibility and to garner high interest in the Poster Session from all MobiCom attendees, each accepted poster will have the opportunity to deliver a fast elevator pitch. Each poster presenter will get a one-minute to overview and stir interest in her/his poster (3 slides presented in PechaKucha mode - In addition, each presenter will have the opportunity to have a webpage, which will be linked to from the MobiCom Posters & Student Research Competition (SRC) program page, to post additional details including possibly a short video presentation.

Posters are solicited in all areas of mobile computing and wireless networking. Particular areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Architectures, algorithms, and protocols for cognitive wireless networks and their integration in the next generation Internet
  • Architectures, protocols, and algorithms to cope with mobility, limited bandwidth, limited power and/or intermittent connectivity
  • Coexistence and synergic exploitation of heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of mobile systems and applications
  • Experimental large-scale testbeds for mobile networks
  • Fundamental understanding of mobile computing and wireless networking
  • Green and energy-aware mobile systems and networking, e.g., for mobile wireless sensor networks and applications
  • Integration and interworking of wired-wireless networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
  • Modeling, simulation/emulation, and measurement of mobile systems
  • Next generation (beyond 802.11) wireless technologies and related systems and protocols
  • Operating system and middleware support for mobile applications, systems, and networking
  • Performance evaluation of mobile networks, protocols, and systems
  • Security, privacy, and trustworthiness of mobile systems
  • Techniques for ad-hoc, delay-tolerant, and spontaneous networking
  • Vehicular (infrastructured and ad-hoc) networks and vehicular sensor applications

   The ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) 

ACM MobiCom 2015 will host an ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) along side the Posters Program. Students submitting to the MobiCom 2015 Poster Session can opt to have their posters considered also by the SRC committee, if their posters are accepted. Selected competitors will receive up to $500 USD for their conference travel, depending on need, and will earn a chance to compete in the SRC Grand Finals. The winners will be recognized at the Annual ACM Awards Banquet. Competitors should be prepared to attend the Poster Session and, if selected for further competition, to give a short talk about their research projects. Winners of the MobiCom 2015 SRC will be announced at the conference. The Student Research Competition is open to graduate and undergraduate students whose submissions are accepted by the SRC committee. To be considered, complete a submission to the Poster Session and indicate that you would like to participate in the SRC by adding "[SRC]" in the subject line. Valid ACM student membership and student status as of the submission deadline are required for the lead student. For more information about the SRC competition, contact the SRC Co-Chairs Mehmet C. Vuran ( and Andrzej Duda (

The SRC competition is fully sponsored by a generous donation from Microsoft Research.

   Submission Instructions 

The posters should be submitted via email to the Poster Chairs: mobicomposters2015 The submission should be formatted as a paper or extended abstract describing the research to be presented in the poster and should be submitted as a PDF file of at most 3 pages, including all figures and references (formatted into the US letter size of 8.5 x 11 inches with fonts no smaller than 10 point size). The extended abstract must include the authors' names, affiliations, and email addresses. Any submission should include the following:
  • Whether you would like the submission to be considered for the Student Research Competition, by adding "[SRC]" in the subject line
  • If you would like your submission to be considered for the SRC, there is the additional need to indicate whether any of the student authors is an undergraduate student. Note that if any of the authors is a graduate student, then the submission will be considered under the graduate category

All poster submissions will be reviewed by the Posters committee. If your submission is selected for the Posters Session, you will receive information regarding the size of the poster board, etc., so that you can prepare and produce your poster. Easels and white boards will be provided by the Conference. Once your poster is accepted, we will include the abstract of your poster on the conference website and publish it in the main proceedings and the ACM digital library.

   Important Dates 

Poster submission deadline:   June 10, 2015 (11:59 PM EST)
Notification: June 18, 2015
Camera-ready: June 25, 2015

   Accepted Posters 

  • WiPrint: 3D Printing Your Wireless Coverage: Justin Chan (Dartmouth); Changxi Zheng (Columbia); Xia Zhou (Dartmouth), SRC
  • Continuous and Fine-grained Respiration Volume Monitoring Using Continuous Wave Radar: Phuc Nguyen (Colorado); Xinyu Zhang (UWisconsin-Madison); Ann C. Halbower (UColorado); Tam Vu (Colorado), SRC
  • Towards Encrypted Query Processing for the Internet of Things: Hossein Shafagh (ETH Zurich); Anwar Hithnawi (ETH Zurich); Andreas Dröscher (ETH Zurich); Simon Duquennoy (SICS Swedish ICT AB); Wen Hu (UNSW), SRC
  • Evaluating Android applications with Multipath TCP: Quentin De Coninck (UClouvain); Matthieu Baerts (UClouvain); Benjamin Hesmans (UClouvain); Olivier Bonaventure (UClouvain), SRC
  • A Multi-Drone Platform for Empowering Drones' Teamwork: Seungho Yoo (KoreaU); Kangho Kim (KoreaU); Jongtack Jung (KoreaU); Albert Y. Chung (KoreaU); Jiyeon Lee (KoreaU); Suk Kyu Lee (KoreaU); Hyungkyu Lee (KoreaU); Hwangnam Kim (KoreaU)
  • Mobile Data Offloading Testbed: Matteo Pozza (UPadua); Claudio Enrico Palazzi (UPadua); Armir Bujari (UPadua), SRC
  • Use your senses: A Smooth Multipath TCP WiFi/Mobile Handover: Alexander Frommgen (TU Darmstadt); Sreeram Sadasivam (TU Darmstadt); Sabrina Muller (TU Darmstadt); Anja Klein (TU Darmstadt); Alejandro Buchmann (TU Darmstadt), SRC
  • Regression-based Characterization of 802.11ac Indoor Performance: Edgar Costa Molero (ETH Zurich); Lito Kriara (Disney Research); Thomas Gross (ETH Zurich), SRC
  • ParkMaster: Leveraging Edge Computing in Visual Analytics: Giulio Grassi (UParis06); Matteo Sammarco (UParis06); Paramvir Bahl (Microsoft Research); Kyle Jamieson (UCL); Giovanni Pau (UParis06)
  • User Location Fingerprinting at Scale: Puneet Jain (Duke); Justin Manweiler(IBM Research); Romit Roy Choudhury (UIUC), SRC
  • Distributed Voronoi-based Acoustic Source Localization with Wireless Sensor Networks: Xueshu Zheng (Dalian Utech); Naigao Jin (Dalian Utech); Lei Wang (Dalian Utech); Mathew L. Wymore (Iowa StateU); Daji Qiao (Iowa StateU), SRC
  • TRIM: A Truthful Incentive Mechanism for Dynamic and Heterogeneous Tasks in Mobile Crowdsensing: Yue Fan (Beihang); Hailong Sun (Beihang); Xudong Liu (Beihang), SRC
  • Visible Light Communication in the Dark: Zhao Tian (Dartmouth); Andrew T. Campbell (Dartmouth); Xia Zhou (Dartmouth), SRC
  • Can smart devices protect us from violent crime?: Alan Ferrari (SUPSI); Daniele Puccinelli (SUPSI); Silvia Giordano (SUPSI)
  • On the Low-Cost and Distance-Adaptive Device-free Localization: Chen Liu (NorthwestU, China); Dingyi Fang (NorthwestU, China); Hongbo Jiang (Huazhong UST, China); Xiaojiang Chen (NorthwestU, China); Z.Y. Tang (NorthwestU, China); Ju Wang (NorthwestU, China); Weike Nie (NorthwestU, China)
  • Network-based UE Mobility Estimation in Mobile Networks: Dalia-Georgiana Herculea (Alcatel); Majed Haddad (U Avignon); Veronique Capdevielle (Alcatel); Chung Shue Chen (Alcatel)
  • VPN Tunnels for Energy Efficient Multimedia Streaming: Mohammad A. Hoque (U Helsinki); Kasperi Saarikoski (U Helsinki); Eemil Lagerspet (U Helsinki); Julien Mineraud (U Helsinki); Sasu Tarkoma (U Helsinki)
  • DanSen: A Low Cost People Flow Monitoring System For Sensing The Potential Danger: Ju Wang (NorthwestU China), Dingyi Fang (NorthwestU China); Xiaojiang Chen (NorthwestU China); Liqiong Chang (NorthwestU China); Zhanyong Tang (NorthwestU China); Tianzhang Xing (NorthwestU China); Chen Liu (NorthwestU China), SRC
  • An Insomnia Therapy for Clock Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks: MengJin (NorthwestU China); DingyiFang (NorthwestU China); Xiaojiang Chen (NorthwestU China); Lin Cai (U Victoria); Zhe Yang (Northwest Polytech China); Zhanyong Tang (NorthwestU China), SRC
  • Privacy-Preserving Server-driven Dynamic Spectrum Access System: Yanzhi Dou (Virginia Tech); Kexiong (Curtis) Zeng (Virginia Tech); Yaling Yang (Virginia Tech), SRC
  • NLOS-aware localization based on Phase Shift Measurements: Yannic Schröder (TU Braunschweig); Georg von Zengen (TU Braunschweig); Lars Wolf (TU Braunschweig)
  • Extremely Parallel Resource Pre-Fetching for Energy Optimized Mobile Browsing: Mohammad A. Hoque (U Helsinki); Sasu Tarkoma (U Helsinki); Anttila Tuikku (AaltoU)
  • Unified remoteUí for mobile environments: Miguel A. V. R. Carvalho (INESC-ID); João Nuno Silva (INESC-ID), SRC
  • Understating YouTube QoE in Cellular Networks with YoMoApp - a QoE Monitoring Tool for YouTube Mobile: F. Wamser (U Würzburg); M. Seufert (U Würzburg); P. Casas (FTW Vienna); Ralf Irmer (Vodafone Research); P. Tran-Gia (U Würzburg); R. Schatz (FTW Vienna)
  • Scoping Environment to Assist 60 GHz Link Deployment: Sanjib Sur (U Wisconsin-Madison); Xinyu Zhang (U Wisconsin-Madison)
  • CLaWa: Crowdsourced Location Aware Wi-Fi Access Control: Bingxian Lu (Dalian UTech); Zhicheng Zeng (Dalian UTech); Lei Wang (Dalian UTech); Brian Peck (Iowa State); Daji Qiao (Iowa State)

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