MobiCom 2016 / New York, USA / TBA, 2016
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 Camera Ready Instructions 


   Deadlines and Page Limits 


MobiCom 2016

  • regular paper (12 pages + 2-page references): July 22, 2016
  • experience paper (8 pages + 2-page references): July 22, 2016
  • poster/demo (2 pages): August 15, 2016

Co-located Workshops

  • regular paper: August 5, 2016
  • short paper/poster/demo: Aug 5, 2016
  • page limits are shown in the table
Workshop Full Paper Short Paper Poster/Demo
MobiArch 6 3
SmartObjects 6 2
WinTech 8 2
HotWireless 5
All Things Cellular 6
CarSys 8 5 2
S3 3 1

   ACM Copyright Permission Form 

The contact author will receive an email from ACM Rightsreview ( with a link to the electronic ACM copyright-permission form(s) to be completed. Upon completing the electronic form, you will receive a confirmation email. Contained within the confirmation email will be the ACM copyright-permission block text, conference data, and DOI string/url specific for your submission and mandatory to appear on the first page of your paper. See formatting examples in the ACM SIG Proceedings Templates ( on how to include this text on the first page of your paper.

   Formatting Instructions 

  1. ACM SIG Proceedings Templates: It is required that your paper uses the ACM SIG Proceedings Templates ( Download the templates/samples in either Microsoft Word or LaTeX2e format. Please read the templates/samples to familiarize yourself with the mandatory sections, formatting requirements, and review in general for the helpful formatting hints included.
  2. ACM Computing Classification System (CCS): An important aspect of preparing your paper for publication by ACM Press is to provide the proper indexing and retrieval information from the ACM Computing Classification System ( This is beneficial to you because accurate categorization provides the reader with quick content reference, facilitating the search for related literature, as well as searches for your work in ACM's Digital Library and on other online resources. Please read the HOW TO CLASSIFY WORKS USING ACM'S COMPUTING CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM ( for instructions on how to classify your document using the 2012 ACM Computing Classification System and insert the index terms into your LaTeX or Microsoft Word source file.
  3. Your paper should use Type 1 fonts (scalable), not Type 3 (bit-mapped). All fonts MUST be embedded within the PDF file. ACM has created documentation on how to embed your fonts ( You can download the ACM Digital Library optimal distiller settings file, ACM.joboptions, to create ACM compliant PDF.
  4. Spacing, font size: Do NOT change the default setting of spacing or font size. You may only add spacing instructions to decrease excessive spacing, or increase very tight spacing.
  5. Do NOT include page numbers in your final submission. All papers will be paginated later and page numbers will be added during that process.
  6. Other things to check: capitalization of the title and section headings, spelling, removal of bad breaks (loner section heading at the end of a page or column, or the last line of a paragraph appearing at the top of the next column), and balancing the two columns on the last page.
  7. The title and authors' names need to be the same on the ACM Rightsreview form and in the PDF file of your final camera-ready submission.
  8. Poster/demo paper should prefix the title with "Poster: " or "Demo: ", respectively.
An email will be sent to the contact author, which includes camera-ready submission instructions and a unique-link to submit your final publication ready version on or before the submission deadline.
Please contact the conference publication chair if you have any questions.

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