MobiHoc 2013

Theory and Practice of Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Multi-hop Networks

Opportunistic routing for multi-hop wireless networks has seen recent research interest to overcome deficiencies of traditional routing. First, we discuss the multihop wireless networks in the context of uni/anycast routing and the implications of wireless medium on the performance of conventional routing solutions. We then discuss a simple erasure channel model often used in the literature to characterize the wireless medium and its impact on the design of wireless (conventional) routing algorithms. We then briefly review the notions of opportunistic scheduling, multi-user diversity gain, and receiver diversity, before ending the introduction with an overview of the tutorial. In the second part of the lecture, we bring to our focus the problem of opportunistic routing in the multihop wireless network context. In the final part of the tutorial, we embark upon the issue of congestion and throughput optimality by contrasting the opportunistic MDP-based schemes with some back-pressure opportunistic schemes

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Tara Javidi University of California, San Diego

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