Virtual Presentation Instructions

Last Updated: May 25, 2020 8:30pm EDT

Paper presenters for the main conference

MobiSys 2020 will run as a virtual event in the timezone of the conference’s original venue (i.e. Eastern time). The conference will utilize Zoom (Webinar edition) for video streaming paper sessions and Q/As, as well as the Whova conference app for engagement with participants. During the live conference event, the paper talks will be playbacks of pre-recordings submitted by the authors followed by a live Q/A session.

All paper presenters must submit a pre-recorded video of their talk to the conference organizers no later than end-of-day (a.o.e) June 7th 2020. The pre-recorded video must be no longer than 18 minutes. On the first day of the conference, these recordings will be made available publicly on the SIGMOBILE channel on YouTube. All paper presentation videos must be accompanied by a signed release form. You are required email us the completed release form at After you send us the release form by email, we will then give you a personalized Dropbox link where you can upload your video file.

The provided video file should be in .mp4 or h264 and not .m4a. If you have problems with uploading your pre-recorded video or have questions, please email us at

Registration will be free this year due to the generous support of our sponsors. However, one presenter for each paper must register for the conference by June 1st 2020. You must indicate that you are a presenter and indicate your paper during registration.

Here is a checklist to help you

  1. The main presenter for the paper must register as a presenter
  2. Prepare a recording of your talk that is no more than 18 minutes. Your first slide should include the title of the paper, the name of the presenter and mention ACM MobiSys 2020. You must send us an mp4 file. Minimum height: 480 pixels. Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  3. Email us a signed release form. We will then send you a personalized link for you to upload your video
  4. You must upload the video of your talk to the link we provide (Dropbox link tied to the email address you provide).
  5. On the day of the conference, make sure you have good Internet connectivity. Make yourself known to the session chair before the session. When it is your turn to present, the session chair will introduce the presenter, play your pre-recorded talk (we cannot make substitutions to the video file). This is immediately followed by a live Q/A where the session chair will moderate questions to you.

A good option that works across Windows and Mac is to use the recording feature in Zoom. Zoom allows you to share your screen, turn on your webcam and record your presentation.

While you are free to use any video recording/editing software, we provide some getting started instruction for Windows/Powerpoint users:

  1. Windows users can use the default recording settings that Powerpoint offers. One can record slides, their audio narration and capture their video using their computer's webcam
  2. Before starting the recording please ensure that the Slide Size is set to Widescreen (16:9). This can be found under Design -> Slide Size
  3. Here is a link from Microsoft that provides a step by step guide to use powerpoint to record ones presentation
  4. The only change is in the last step when saving. Presenters are kindly asked to save the video as a .mp4 video
  5. Please ensure that the microphone volume in the computer and light level in the room are adjusted before recording to capture the presentation in the best quality
  6. Once the video is recorded please upload the video to Dropbox Drive using the provided link