MobiHoc 2005


Thursday 26 May, 10:30am-12:30pm, 1404 Siebel Center
'Openness' and the Public Airwaves
Organizer: Sascha D. Meinrath, CUWiN



A discussion of "openness" and wireless networking focusing on open source, open spectrum, and open architecture issues and their interrelations. This panel is composed of experts in open source development, legal issues, economic issues, and industry concerns; and is moderated by a policy and regulatory expert from the Federal Communications Commission.  Panelists were chosen for their expertise in specific areas as well as a demonstrated breadth of knowledge in other facets in wireless communications.  The plenary provides multiple perspectives on the importance of reforming access to the public airwaves -- including different foci and priorities -- while allowing ample time for audience participation and panelist debate.  The moderator and four panelists will each hand out a "topic briefing" for plenary audience members that summarizes the take-home message and most important points from each of their perspectives.


VICTOR BAHL (Microsoft) is a Senior Researcher and Manager of the Networking Research Group at Microsoft. His research interests span a variety of problems in wireless networking including low-power RF communications; ubiquitous wireless Internet access and services; location determination techniques and services; self-organizing, self-managing multi-hop community wireless mesh networks; and real-time audio-visual wireless communications.  More info at:

KENNETH R. CARTER (FCC) is Counsel for Business and Economics in the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis at the Federal Communications Commission.  His role is to assist the Commission in developing a strategic plan identifying short- and long-term policy objectives for the agency, particularly involving those issues which cross traditional industry and institutional boundaries.  He is a member of the FCC.s Spectrum Policy Task Force and a coauthor of the widely-circulated OSP Working Paper #39, "Unlicensed and Unshackled". More info at:

MARK COOPER (CFA) is Director of Research at the Consumer Federation of America. He is the author of numerous articles on digital society and telecommunications issues and five books including Cable Mergers and Monopolies (2002), Media Ownership and Democracy in the Digital Information Age (2003), and Open Architecture as Communications Policy (2004). He has provided expert testimony in over 250 cases for public interest clients in almost four dozen jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada on telecommunications and energy policy. More info at:

BEN SCOTT (Free Press) is the Policy Director for Free Press, the national non-partisan media reform organization. He has led Free Press' work on spectrum policy for the last 12 months. The organization co-hosted the first ever National Summit for Community Wireless Networking, and he has been a vocal advocate for public interest spectrum policy at the FCC and in the US Congress. Previously, he served as a Legislative Fellow in the House of Representatives, handling telecommunications policy in the office of Congressman Bernie Sanders (I-VT).  He has written several articles on the history of American journalism and media policy making. Most recently, he is the editor, with Robert W. McChesney, of Our Unfree Press (2004). More info on Free Press available at:

MATT WESTERVELT (Metrix) is a leading figure in the FreeNetworks movement. He founded the Seattle Wireless Network <> project in the spring of 2000; helped form <>, an association dedicated to education, collaboration, and advocacy for the creation of FreeNetworks; and has been an active advocate and contributor to Free Software and the Open Source
Community.  He left the corporate world to start Metrix Communication LLC in 2004. Metrix supplies FreeNetworkers worldwide with open and affordable wireless networking products.  His goal is to empower users to build their own infrastructure. He maintains a blog at


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